Today’s episode starts with Aaliyah while she still takes care of Pragya after her brother says so much but still Riya will be my trump card until she can hate Pragya and she starts making Ayaan and She would ask you to talk with that area. When Ayan comes, he says that he was going to eat food. At the same time, Alia starts scolding him and says and Ayaan says that I want to talk with Riya through those veer and he calls Ranbir and asks about Riya’s situation.

Riya tells the rich that Riya is lying unconscious and she is sleeping. On this side, Ranchi mother also came here to meet her. Similarly, Ayan says that Sansa is scolding me for leaving Riya alone. Ayan calls Aaliya again and tells her everything. They feel that I will reach the hospital in 2 minutes. If she is driving out to talk to Riya, then there is a song that will send her to the hospital.

Kundali Bhagya Written Updates 31 October 2020

Next you will see that Prachi gives Abhi a cry and asks them what has happened. He calls Prachi a daughter Ranchi says that maybe I am hearing wrong please leave me here. Prachi gets out of that car and thanks them, Abhi is about to say something but Prachi starts to think That the mother-in-law may be hurt, it would be better that I am away from them. You will see that one just falls down and gets very worried and ties a bandage in his hand, Ranchi reminds him if Pragya used to take care of him in the same way.

Similarly, you will see that Alia is waiting for the mechanic. After some time, Alia reaches her place to say that Alia asks her to correct her car and starts thinking that she is safe from Abhi. On the other hand, now Prachi and Riya like him
Are similar. Today you will see that Pragya thinks Prachi is like me. Right now I feel that I am ready to reveal everything to all my children, but he does not know why Pragya is hiding the thing. Pragya feels that this is not the right time to tell everything because Prachi Not ready to face this chai, right now everything will be shown to you in tonight’s episode.