kumkum Bhagya 9 October 2020 Written Update

Most of the episodes are from Ranchi who asks Prachi who was behind their answer. The nurse asks Pragya to meet the doctor. Pragya does not give any answer to her and leaves from there. Pranashi asks us Do you know anything about it? Sahana says that I knew this is how Prachi looks at Sarita and asks her who was behind her accident, in power tells that this Riya is the one who is behind Prachi and from the beginning Is facing the same problem. In the same way, he is not angry after hearing them, Prachi tells Ranveer that she tries to go after him.

A similar memory cries thinking this. And she says that she wants to take both of them at home but I inform father first.

You are looking forward Ranbir is about to leave from there, but after seeing Prachi behind me, I stop there and say that I had to come and leave him. Ranchi must definitely talk to Pragya before doing anything. Begs him for

Next you will see Sahana asks him where did you go I am telling him that I went home but I got a call by mistake and asked him about Prachi’s condition Sahana tells him that he reached home and Cut the call, Priya sheds tears Prachi and Pragya gets to know and will be happy just like this, she will see Jiya and think why Riya is crying after Prachi gets well and thinks that I am Used to hate

Prachi and Ranbir bring Prachi home Samana asks him what you bought for me brings a glass for him Pragya asks Prachi to take rest to take him from Ranchi to Ranchi’s room The government smiles upon seeing them

After this, she further says that you all know that Riya says that if I did that to her that day, then father would definitely tell me to donate blood to your sister. Ranbir tells him that if father had met Prachi’s mother, father would not have given me where I would be like Ranchi. But what could it be that I want Riya to be made like her elder sister Sir ji, Alia goes to Chicken Chowk on this matter.

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