Dimpy asks what befallen you. Pragya comes to Rhea and asks what was the deal? Rhea tells that Prachi’s disgusting MMS was spilled in the school. Pragya calls Prachi, yet she isn’t picking the call. Abhi sees Pragya and tells Vikram. However, before he could meet her, Pragya returns to Rhea. Rhea discloses to her that Shahana upheld Prachi and went with her.

Abhi requests that Vikram conclude who is better, Anuradha or Pragya. He look through her. After Pragya goes, Rhea offers banner to the young lady back and requests that she do anything she desires. Abhi sees Sanju again and requests that he stop. Sanju runs out and get away. Vikram and Abhi recognize him as Prachi’s companion from Hoshiarpur. Abhi returns to look through Pragya, however she isn’t there. Abhi yells calling Pragya. Vikram says there is no one here. Prachi secures herself in the room and cries.

Prachi reveals to Pragya that she will refute them and will battle with them and win. Ranbir beats a person for viewing Prachi’s video. Police captures Ranbir. Prachi comes to school, Read more….