Kumkum Bhagya 9 January 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

The Episode begins with the phony Inspector inquiring as to whether all was well in transit. Shankar says somebody was following us. Counterfeit Inspector tells that this is a Police house and nothing will occur here. He takes them to the women and tells that they are the extraordinary visitor about whom, he conversed with them. The young lady says today is her sangeet. Abhi says today they got hitched. The woman tells that she has set the space for them. The phony Inspector takes them to room and says I am going to the PS, and requests that they ask his mom and spouse, in the event that they need anything. Pragya asks did you come to think about who has endeavored to execute us. The phony Inspector says no and tells that they are powerful individuals and even prevented Police from performing responsibility. Abhi asks until when we need to remain here.

Assessor says till this evening and goes out. All of a sudden Abhi gets a call from Purab and picks his call. Purab asks where is Pragya di? Abhi says she is with me. Purab tells that Sarita behen and Dadi are with him and requests that he say that he is fine. Abhi says I am fine. Pragya says I am fine. Abhi says why you said that you are fine and requests that she tell that they are fine. Pragya says they will comprehend and asks what was the deal? Purab tells that Dadi got stressed as kumkum thaali tumbled down and they are apprehensive about the foreboding thing. Pragya gets strained as well. Purab inquires as to why they are not returning home. Abhi tells that they were romancing, he implies doing sentimental talks. Dadi requests that they return home. Abhi says on the off chance that I get back home, at that point you both will sit with Pragya and afterward I won’t find the opportunity to sentiment with her. He says they are in the inn as proposed by Pragya. Pragya gets vexed hearing his falsehoods. They end the call. The Fake Inspector grabbed telephone from Abhi’s hand and breaks it. He at that point gets it and says he has turned it off, so the area don’t get followed. Abhi says police thinks to such an extent. The Fake Inspector requests that they go out to his sister’s sangeet in the event that they need. He goes. Pragya gets annoyed with Abhi for discussing sentiment infront of Dadis.


Worker comes to Dadi and Sarita behen and tells that Pandit ji came. Dadi tells that they have called Pandit ji so everything gets fine. Purab petitions God for their prosperity. Pandit ji inquires as to whether Pragya’s date of birth is correct. Sarita behen says yes. Pandit ji says jaap should be done at home. Aaliya says he came for cash, will take 40-50 thousand for the jaap and requests that they give some cash and send him. Sarita behen says it is nakshtras (issue). Aaliya affronts Sarita behen and goes. Dadi apologizes to Pandit ji. Pandit ji tells that he can’t do this Jaap alone and tells that the following 12 hours are substantial, and even her life can go. The phony Inspector’s mom comes to Pragya and Abhi’s room and asks them not to stress as they stay in Police official’s home. She welcomes them for the sangeet and tells that she will give them garments. Pragya says we will clearly come. The phony Police Inspector goes. Abhi says aunt was acceptable, she requested that we let the room open. He kisses Pragya on her temple and says he is fortunate to get such hot spouse. Pragya says even she is fortunate to have him. He is going to kiss her, when she hits her hand on the pantry and their sentiment get intruded. Abhi gets disturbed and says kiss is deficient, we will kiss and make it complete. The woman comes there and requests that Abhi accompany her, and let Pragya change. Abhi says she is my better half, we will change infront of one another. She inquires as to whether he won’t feel bashful and takes him out. Tune plays… ..


Chief calls Inspector and says you haven’t followed by orders. Investigator says sorry sir, my obligation didn’t stop me and tells that he realizes that he may have some powerlessness and that is the reason he requested that he return home. He says I have gotten the shooter Snake. Chief says I am pleased with you and requests that he carry him to the PS.

He asks him not to stop the jeep in transit. Snake/Shooter snickers and requests that Inspector converse with his significant other and youngsters. The Fake overseer’s significant other comes to Pragya and requests that she wear it. The Snake Shooter requests that controller leave him here else meet the passing. Monitor asks will you slaughter me. The shooter 1 spills the nails in transit and trusts that the jeep will come. The Jeep stops as the tires get penetrated. Snake Shooter grins.


The Constable tells that the jeep is penetrated. Overseer finds the nails there and says it was penetrated purposefully. They see Shooter 1 and takes shots at him. Shooter 1 additionally fires at them. The Inspector gets Shooter 1 and beats him. The Shooter 1 gets Inspector’s neck. Constable requests that he leave Inspector and finds the weapon vacant. He takes another weapon. Snake descends and focuses on Inspector, however he is shy of projectiles. Constable grins.


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