The Episode begins with Principal inquiring as to whether Prachi’s mum came or if Prachi gave any clarification. Woman teacher advises that she didn’t come to class. Different teachers requests that he rusticate Prachi from their school. Chief says we will reveal to her mum why we are rusticating her girl. He requests that his associate call Pragya and interface the call to him. He at that point converses with Pragya and requests that she come to school. Pragya inquires as to whether Prachi and Shahana are fine. Chief says he needs to converse with her about something different and requests that she go inside 60 minutes. He says he will be occupied in the board of trustees meeting following 60 minutes. Pragya gets stressed and tells Sarita behen. She says something incorrectly may have occurred. Chief tells educator that on the off chance that we rusticate her and send her papers, at that point her mum will charge her. He says let her come, watch video and conclude that her little girl will be rusticated.

Sanju comes to Rhea and says my Jaaneman is crying and asks where is Ranbir. Rhea says she can’t get included a lot. Sanju says on the off chance that you get yourself far from his outrage, at that point Ranbir will get dubious on you. He says on the off chance that everybody thinks about you and Prachi, at that point you will be the principal individual to talk in support of Prachi, at that point no one will question you. He requests that she call Ranbir before the fire is set off.

Ranbir reveals to Prachi that he will remain outside the washroom, until instructor comes and tosses him out. Prachi emerges from restroom and says I didn’t do anything, everything is lie. Ranbir says I know and trust you. I realize that you are a decent young lady. Prachi says did you see that video? She goes. The young ladies in the school, talk awful about Prachi. Rhea comes out and hears them. A person says he enjoys that hot stylish. Sanju taps on his head. Rhea comes to him. Sanju says I can’t hear anything against Prachi. Rhea says why you are acting so moronic and says what do you feel that they will do prachi’s aarti. She says these individuals won’t go to your marriage and remark. She requests that he go to flask, drink cold beverage and chill off his brain. Abhi and Vikram come there. They see the understudies standing. Sanju slams into Abhi and conceals his face. Abhi says I have seen this person some place.

The educator reveals to Principal that she has seen the video and Prachi will be rusticated. Chief says in the event that this MMS becomes famous online, at that point our school name will be destroyed. He says they need to tell Mr. mehra as he is the individual from the network. Abhi and Vikram come there. Chief inquires as to whether he realizes what occurred outside. Abhi says he saw numerous understudies sticking out, yet they are not saying any trademarks. Chief says meeting is 30 mins late and tells that there was MMS outrage. Abhi gets some information about the person. Chief says the person isn’t from our school so we can’t make a move against him, yet he called the young lady’s mom. He says we will begin the gathering after she comes. Shahana comes out and hears the young ladies mean comments on Prachi. She contends and battles with them. Dimpy and Shaina request that they beat the individual making MMS. The young ladies contend and battle with Shahana. Sanju says beat her, she is kabab me haddi. He thinks the thing isn’t occurring, what he needs to see. Prachi comes out and requests that Shahana quit battling. Shahana says how could they to state that. Prachi says there is distinction among you and them and requests that she come. She requests that she accompany her. They sit in taxi and departs. Pragya comes in the taxi, yet don’t see them leaving.

Abhi inquires as to whether he ever thought what is the explanation of their kinship? Vikram asks what? Abhi says I am having a decent voice and you have terrible. He says I have two girls and you… Vikram says two young ladies, other young lady stays with your better half. Abhi says we will take our connection to next level. Vikram says I can’t bear you. Abhi says Purab and you are both are same and bearing me. Vikram says sorry. Abhi requests that he hold his ear and state sorry. Vikram says sorry and says I can’t state uproariously. Abhi requests that he proceed to remain alongside Principal and state sorry. Vikram says I will do something very similar with you one day. Abhi says decision is yours. Pragya goes to Principal’s office, however doesn’t see Abhi and leaves seeing Prachi’s pic on the banner

Ranbir look through Prachi and calls her. He figures what did I do, for what reason is she not picking the call. He hears his old group of companions, taking awful about Prachi. He requests that they erase the video. Ranbir’s companion inquires as to whether they would prefer not to get beaten by Ranbir. He goes behind him. Pragya attempts to stop the young lady holding the banner, and tumbles down. Rhea sees Pragya and reviews Sanju’s words. She takes banner from the young lady and reprimands her.

She says on the off chance that Prachi’s picture is demolished, at that point our school notoriety will likewise be destroyed. Dimpy asks what befallen you. Pragya comes to Rhea and asks what was the deal? Rhea tells that Prachi’s disgusting MMS was spilled in the school. Pragya calls Prachi, yet she isn’t picking the call. Abhi sees Pragya and tells Vikram. However, before he could meet her, Pragya returns to Rhea. Rhea discloses to her that Shahana upheld Prachi and went with her. Abhi requests that Vikram conclude who is better, Anuradha or Pragya. He look through her. After Pragya goes, Rhea offers banner to the young lady back and requests that she do anything she desires. Abhi sees Sanju again and requests that he stop. Sanju runs out and get away. Vikram and Abhi recognize him as Prachi’s companion from Hoshiarpur. Abhi returns to look through Pragya, however she isn’t there. Abhi yells calling Pragya. Vikram says there is no one here. Prachi secures herself in the room and cries.Read More…...