Kumkum bhagya 7 September 2020 Written Update

Kumkum bhagya 7 September 2020 Written Update: – Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya will be shown to you that Veer says that I know that right now I cannot government you in front of birds, but this much says that I am yours and You are mine, I pray to God that we should never separate.

In the same way, Prem ji feels that our love is like that of Kum Kum Bhagya, as the mother had said that we love each other, that’s why Riya feels that Ranveer and Prachi are one to leave Maya out of their lives. Should remember their loved ones.

In the same way you will see that once you get Rahul in a state of intoxication and she thinks why are you calling me Rahul says that I do not have full confidence in you Maya starts asking me when you need to drink from me Why didn’t you promise? Rahul says that I am afraid that you will never divorce Ranveer because he does everything.

Maya says that I will divorce. Rahul tells them that I love you that’s why you should love your heart. This is how Hari’s qawwali comes, Mayakova cuts off her call, Bhaiya is at home to meet them behind her house or leaves for a movie. Dushyant sees and follows her.

Riya asks Mariya why you have called me to go, Riya says that I told you to do drama but why are you taking it for real. You have to end everything, Maya says that with time everything will change automatically and we have moved forward in our life. What does it say that I will like the allegations of fake tampering. Due to which his family will hate him, Rajiv will not get Riya to slap him.

Riya and mother start to major among themselves. I tell each other that now I have got to be mine but you will not be.

Prachi remembers his last moments when he was with her. Similarly, you will see that Ranbir sneaks into Ranchi’s room through the window and asks him if I can come to the temple. Prachi says yes in her dream state but she is everything real, Prachi tells them to leave but he comes in so Ranbir asks Prachi to use the window door Prachi asks Ranbir Why you came here

Similarly, on the phone now, say don’t cancel the marriage because this marriage is not important because she has seen tears in Riya’s eyes, Priya says that Maya is not backing down, that’s why I haven’t been to her marriage, that’s why I Can not do anything, Riya says that she does not want you to get into any trouble because of that.

Hariya still asks whether it is married or not, he says that he is not married yet, so she hugs him, now he feels that Junior has not married Maya, Raj’s love is with us. Start fighting

Prachi asks for the answer Dharamveer is with her. He asks Prachi to stay with her in the wedding and says that I love you very much when you are with me because you never leave me alone. I promise her that I will never leave you.

Prachi does what Prachi gives. Likewise, someone knocks on the door. Balveer says that tomorrow I get married to this too, but I will always wait for you. Both get lost in each other, I go through the window. Similarly, you will see that Ranchi opens the door and notices that no one has seen Ranbir going through the window