The present scene begins with Pragya venturing down from the vehicle. Her saree stall out in the vehicle. Abhi sees her. Meera chats with somebody on the call. Abhi ventures down from the vehicle to protect Pragya. Pragya asks ABhi not to state anything. She requests to open the entryway from inside as she can’t open it from outside. Abhi holds Pragya’s abdomen and pulls her closer. He asks Pragya for what reason she doesn’t admit her affection. Pragya says to ABhi that she adores him a great deal and he similarly cherishes her. Abhi and Pragya embrace one another. Back to the real world; Abhi requests that Pragya stand aside. Pragya acknowledges it was her fantasy. Abhi opens the entryway and pull Pragya’s saree. Meera watch the team.

Abhi drives the vehicle and see Pragya in back view reflect. Pragya stands sad. Here, Prachi thinks Rhea requested her to do separate Ranbir for the purpose from Abhi and Pragya. Prachi review how she hurt Ranbir. She cries. There, Ranbir says to his sibling that his pant is grimy and he will transform it. Prachi cries considering Ranbir and runs. She finds Ranbir. Ranbir gets Prachi. Prachi gets sad seeing Ranbir. Ranbir wipes Prachi’s tear. He asks her what is pestering her. Ranbir asks Prachi to uncover for what good reason she is acting peculiar. Prachi stands paralyzed seeing Ranbir. She requests that Ranbir fail to remember her. Ranbir inquires as to why. Prachi runs and searches for a taxi. Ranbir attempts to converse with Prachi however she leaves. Ranbir’s sibling requests that he call Sahana and gets some information about Prachi’s odd conduct.

Opposite side, Sarita and Abhi’s daadi sit together. Pragya come and Abhi’s daadi cover up. Sarita and Daadi gets glad to discover that Abhi drop Pragya home. There, Rhea ponders Abhi not prepared to drop his wedding with Meera. She gets focused and spill the juice. Aliya inquires as to whether she is harming herself. Rhea gets some information about her. Aliya says Abhi won’t drop his wedding with Meera. She says she don’t need Pragya to be here in light of the fact that she sent her to the prison. Rhea asks Aliya that she will deal with her issue and challenge Aliya that Abhi will break his collusion with Meera. Aliya blows up.

Ahead, Pallavi requests that Vikram talk with her as she feels Ranbir is concealing something from her. Vikram requests that Pallavi offer space to Ranbir. Ranbir and Aryan come and Vikram requests that both go. Afterward, Sahana dodge Ranbir’s call. Ranbir question on Rhea for Prachi’s bizarre conduct. Aryan will not trust Ranbir.

Purab asks Abhi for what valid reason he was maintaining a strategic distance from his call. Abhi says since he realizes he will agree with Pragya’s stance. Purab asks Abhi for what reason he is doing wedding when Rhea needs him to drop the coalition. Abhi says on the grounds that Pragya and he is glad remaining isolated from one another. Abhi welcomes Purab for haldi service. Purab requests to welcome Pragya too as he will accompany her as it were. Abhi gets incense and harmed his leg. He embraces doll like Pragya and cries. Read More……..