The episode starts with Bheji, which is why you are thinking about Ranveer because he will forget Prachi after the function tonight, that’s why it is also my fault because I asked him to help Pranchi. Pallavi says that Ranbir is unable to see Prachi’s real face. Biji asks Prachi to come to the kitchen. Balveer Senapati and says that you cannot hear properly, I have been calling you for a long time to work in the kitchen.

Next you will see Prachi says that I was asking Riya about her condition, Alvi says that she had digested her injury earlier and now why is trying to heal. You have never treated me in such a way even the moment she says that you are our servant, don’t forget Jai and do not try to teach us how to treat them.

Biji further says that it is his desire to talk with her. Palbi says how much his family earns in 1 month. Ranchi says that he gets an appointed amount to feed his family, that’s why Biji says That it is right for them to buy new clothes and gifts, Alvi says that I can help myself by giving my full sari. Prachi starts crying Pallavi says that our place is only in her old things which we have used. Prachi, who gets out of hearing

Biji asks her why your mood is off. Arabic says that I am misbehaving with you. And she says that I cannot get her out of work because she will get away from Ranbir. Ranbir also comes to him and asks where is Ranchi. Dalbir tells me that Prachi went to her house to change her clothes. Ranveer starts thinking how can she go without answering my question.

Today you will see Sarita will say how she can talk with you like this? I accepted that request but he has taunted us. Pragya says that maybe she is tense now. Tells the government how she is so good.

Aa starts to think that if he talks in this way then he cannot allow Prachi to be with him. Sahana and Prachi arrive at the party and try to find Sarita. Ranveer sees Prachi. The guest praises the beginning, who is the caterer. Vikram says that it is Sarita ji. Abhi is shocked and sees Pragya with the server.