The scene begins with Prachi says I said a final farewell to Ranbir on the grounds that Rhea disclosed to me that she will join father with Mom. Shahana asks how might she penance her adoration. Prachi says I can do anything for Mom and guarantee me that you won’t advise it to anybody. Shahana guarantee her.

Aryan eliminates vehicle keys and advises Ranbir to listen his heart and discloses to him that Prachi is lying since she don’t enjoy cash. Ranbir attempts to take keys from him saying your Mom and Rhea are directly about Prachi. Aryan beats Ranbir and the two beats one another. Aryan says we should talk if your outrage is chill off, their should be something behind Prachi abrupt change so think since she might be purposefully doing it to part ways with you. Ranbir says better believe it you may be correct and they thinks to establish it.

Dadi goes to meet Saritha ji, they thinks trust Pragya won’t find that we are arranging their gatherings. Pragya couldn’t get taxi. Abhi stops his vehicle Asks Pragya to accompany them and than he sees Pani Puri and they goes to have it. Pragya says she won’t eat it. Meera goes aside once she gets call. Abhi couldn’t eat hot one.

Pragya prods him and says she can eat hot one. Pragya also feels the zest feeling and she was unable to get water than Abhi causes her to eat nectar. Both lost in one another eyes. Pragya expresses gratitude toward him. Meera says Mr Mehra your telephone and he requests that she keep it in pocket. Pragya blows up and takes telephone from Meera and she places in Abhi pocket. Abhi feels her envy.

Saritha calls Pragya and asks is all is great. Pragya says she met the undesirable individuals. Abhi wipes his mouth with Pragya saree. Pragya chastens him. Abhi calls baljeet. Saritha and Baljeet runs with one another and their telephone gets traded. Abhi and Pragya feels confounded however Saritha and Dadi cuts call saying network issue. Saritha and Dadi celebrates for their prosperity.

Prachi reminisces Everything and advises to Rhea that she accomplished her work. Rhea says she was unable to accept. Prachi says it’s hard to accept however I parted ways with Ranbir. Rhea asks what she advised to Ranbir. Prachi says she enjoyed it said and he didn’t question and I revealed to him that I love cash not him so don’t tears since he lifted his hand on me. Rhea cheerfully embraces her expression no one but a sister can do it.

Prachi breaks embrace saying I did it to join our folks, trust you conversed with Dad. Rhea says I will converse with father and give you uplifting news at night. Prachi requests that she do it rapidly and leaves. Rhea thinks she need to plan something significant for stop Abhi marriage with Meera. Abhi plays melodies in transit, Pragya and Abhi feels enthusiastic reminscing their previous minutes. Read More…..