The Episode begins with Tanu coming to Pragya and says we think about it. Pragya gets up and goes. Tanu says I was going to disclose to her that she is solid and persevering, however she didn’t tune in and went. She says on the off chance that Abhi chomps like frantic, who will remain here. Prachi looks for Ranbir in the school. Palak calls him and says sorry, advises that she advised truth to Prachi accidentally. Ranbir says it’s alright, I will deal with. Prachi comes to Ranbir and lifts her hand on him, however stops. Ranbir requests that she slap him. Prachi says she is thinking when to tell the explanation previously or in the wake of slapping. Ranbir says you was adulating me outside. Prachi says I didn’t have a clue how was Ranbir Kohli truly, calls him disloyalty, misrepresentation, and con artist. She says you attempted to wed me in cheat. Ranbir says it would have been disloyalty,

in the event that I had hitched you. She says it is same that you thought. Ranbir says however I pondered you and didn’t wed you. Prachi says how might you think this? Ranbir says I lament that I ought to have hitched you then itself. Prachi is stunned. Ranbir says I didn’t have some other way out, you generally think me wrong. I revealed to you ordinarily that I love you, however you don’t see, yet go overboard. Prachi says you dislike this. Aryan comes there. Ranbir says I dislike this, yet today you will see new Ranbir Kohli. I adored you every day and you will see new Ranbir Kohli consistently and tells that nothing incorrectly will occur with you, and on the off chance that it happens when I am not with you. Prachi says I don’t cherish you. Ranbir says I love you. Prachi says she doesn’t adore him. Ranbir requests that Aryan look in his eyes and tell. Prachi says I don’t cherish you, and tells glancing in his eyes. She thinks about her arrangement with Rhea. She says the young lady isn’t Prachi, who used to adore you, and tells that she will see new Prachi consistently and she will tell a similar every day. She goes. Aryan asks Ranbir how did you respond? Prachi goes out. Palak calls her and inquires as to for what reason are you angry with me, your sister Shahana was with me as well, in this arrangement. Prachi is even more stunned. Ranbir requests that she stop. Prachi runs and sits in the auto. Ranbir requests that she tune in, yet she goes. He sits in his vehicle and follows her. Prachi thinks about his words.

Pragya returns home and secures herself in the room. Sarita behen is available to come in to work and closures it seeing her. She requests that she open the entryway. Pragya cries and sits broke. She reviews Abhi’s awful condition, how he was thumped by Aaliya. Sarita behen figures out how to come inside as the entryway opens and inquires as to whether she met Mr. Mehra. She sees her hand and asks who did this? Pragya cries gravely and embraces her. Sarita behen asks did Aaliya do this? Pragya says no, Aaliya didn’t do this? Sarita behen asks then who did this? did they call the Police? Pragya says he had torn into me. Sarita behen inquires as to why? Pragya says whatever we was believing was wrong, tells that he is fine, but rather not fine. Sarita behen asks what? Pragya says possibly as he is shot on his head, he carries on whimsically and can’t meet untouchables now. She tells that he got terrified seeing me, yet didn’t contact me until Aaliya came there, at that point he messed with me. She says Aaliya had beaten him so gravely, how she can beat him? Sarita behen inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Pragya says on the off chance that I had remained there, Aaliya would have suspicious. Sarita behen asks her to go tomorrow and discover for what reason his condition is terrible and requests that she meet the specialist as the guardian and asks how can be dealt with treat him. She asks her not to get back home and stay at their other home which is empty. Pragya inquires as to why? Sarita behen says on the off chance that Shahana or Prachi see you in this outfit? Pragya cries embracing her.