Scene begins with Ranbir says he needs Prachi in his life for lifetime and needs her to lit Diya in their home at Diwali with directly as his better half. Shahana asks where she kept her brush. Prachi says let me go in any case Shahana will prod me on the off chance that she got us. Ranbir says stand by let take your SS.

Prachi cuts the call when Shahana calls her once more. Ranbir thinks to converse with his Dad to advise him that he needs to wed Prachi. Pallavi goes to Ranbir room and wishes him cheerful dusshera and expressions of remorse to Ranbir for slapping him. Ranbir says it’s alright yet I don’t think to hurt you.

Pallavi says I know, I can’t see your tragic face so from now onwards I will get things done for your satisfaction and love you. Ranbir says love you as well and I can do anything for you. Pallavi embraces him and figures you will pick me throughout Prachi when opportunity arrives. Beeji calls Pallavi so she goes out requesting that Ranbir prepare. Ranbir figures his Mom will acknowledge Prachi for his hapiness.

Pragya gets ready espresso. Saritha says if Coffee is god than they will work in great manner. Pragya says everybody prefers her espresso. Saritha leaves than Pragya reminsces her minutes with Abhi and thinks I need Prachi to acknowledge you as her Dad entire heartedly yet you’re not getting me.

Beeji reproves Vikram for getting a charge out of the espresso without completing the work and calls Pallavi. Vikram shows rings saying work is finished. Beeji takes rings, Pallavi comes to them and says that she went to patchup with Ranbir for slapping him and he will be upbeat in the event that he weds Rhea. Beeji says we became acquainted with the Prachi reality. Pallavi says she will consider Prachi to commitment to make her see the Ranbir commitment with Rhea.

Vikram says don’t do it, Ranbir may felt hurt. Ranbir will comprehend in future that we did it for good. Vikram says he feels commitment on Dusshera isn’t smart thought. Beeji says it’s acceptable. Pallavi says it’s an ideal opportunity to bring out Prachi reality Infront of everybody so I will welcome Prachi and her mom in addition to Saritha too as food provider to end Prachi section totally. Vikram requests that her reevaluate. Pallavi says she did and than she calls Prachi and requests that her go to their home right away.

Saritha reprimands men for bringing less individuals for providing food request. Prachi hastily leaves from home saying to Pragya that she is going to Pallavi house. Specialist says they are not prepared to work in their spending plan. Saritha gets strained and says she need to drop her request unexpectedly. Pragya requests that her loosen up saying they can support her. Saritha says she can’t give her work access festivity day. Pragya says we are family so we should commend celebration while working.

Saritha feels cheerful and send his men to get the laborers at 4. Saritha says Pallavi may felt terrible on the off chance that I dropped the request. Pragya says Pallavi. Saritha says yes she mentioned me and I acknowledged it thinking they going to be our family. Pragya figures Abhi may be at that place ,trust he leaves for some Dusshera function in any case it’s difficult to confront him.

Abhi going to leave for his function, he sees his next to situate and thinks I however you’re my beginning and end Pragya yet I’m noone to you and you didn’t attempted to stop me when I’m leaving.

Abhi cries and thinks to check Aliya vehicle to know whether she is the person who attempted to murder Pragya. Rhea joyfully embraces him and wishes him cheerful dusshera. Abhi wishes her back. Rhea asks him to won’t go anyplace saying Pallavi and her family orchestrates shock for him. Abhi guarantees he won’t leave to anyplace.

Aliya says she felt cheerful seeing them. Rhea goes to go to Dimpi call. Aliya wishes him glad dusshera. Abhi asks whether she gone to anyplace from plant. Aliya asks what’s wrong. Abhi goes close to Aliya vehicle and notification their no scratches. Abhi says it’s simply misconstruing and leaves in his vehicle. Aliya thinks she got gotten away fortunately.

Ranbir requests that Vikram accompany him talk some significant issue. Pallavi says I don’t need you to converse with him anything genuine on this day so proceed to prepare in this garments. Ranbir inquires as to why in these garments. Beeji says Pallavi needs him to see like Ram and Pallavi says Beeji requested that needs observe you like Krishna in janmastami. Ranbir grins. Pallavi says today is going to be your upbeat day so proceed to come wearing these garments.

Ranbir going to deny yet Vikram says it’s custom so he need to do it. Pallavi says he will get life time blessing as your astonishment. Ranbir thinks so they may concur for my marriage with Prachi and than he sees Prachi and feels cheerful. Prachi grins at him. Pallavi sends Ranbir to prepare. While going Ranbir thinks why they are not chatting with Prachi subsequent to implying to me. Prachi wishes them cheerful dusshera. They are quiet. Prachi asks did she do any mix-up. Vikram says they mixed up.