Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Update:- When you are shown in the episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya asks Shahana about Prachi that she is in jail. Similarly if it starts happening. I ask her to remember and ask where Mr. Mehra was at that time. Shahana says that she was there at that time. Pragya says that Mehra also called Prachi to arrest him. Sarita says that she is misunderstanding him.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Update

Pragya says that she is getting everything. Pragya says that money matters only to people and money does not have any value for good people. In the same way, it was said that in ancient times my help was very much in the matter of Maya, yet why did they do this with Price?


Ranbir brings Ladi to Prachi to look at the other side. Prachi sees this and starts crying again and says that it looks like she is angry with him. He tells them that he was not angry with her, rather I think Prachi is angry with him. Prachi tells him that if he was not angry then why did you not pick up my phone. Ranbir says that Prachi did not get any call from Prachi.

Prachi answers her that I called you. What did I do that I miss you so much? So she asks why was he angry with her then why did she miss him. Prachi does not answer this. Similarly, you will see that Pragya goes to the police station to meet Prachi. Sahana says to Pragya that I too will accompany you. Pragya will say that I want to meet Prachi in private.

Sahana says that they have fired Prachi. Prachi is shocked to hear everything and starts saying that he did this to prove that Prachi is a thief. Pragya leaves to come to the police station. Hey tells Prachi that even though she has missed him, it was not the same way.


Maya uncovers to Prachi that Ranbir had taken cash to spare Prachi from her, Prachi is stunned to hear this. A similar opportunity Sanju arrives and brings bail papers to get his men free. There Maya battles Prachi at Rhea’s command and a constable comes and stops her.

Prachi further feels pitiful to discover that Ranbir took cash from Maya and she will not converse with him. Riya requests that he stroll from that point. Constable likewise comes there and reveals to them that the gathering period is finished. Further Ranbir sees that the staying two cheat have been delivered and he goes to get some information about it from the police officer.

Police explain to they bring bail papers that is the reason they are free. He says there is unquestionably a major man behind them who is playing this game since it is difficult to get the papers of delivery unexpectedly early.

Ranbir inquires as to whether he can tell the hulia of the man who brought the bail papers. The cop lets him know and Ranbir leaves the police headquarters and notification the man who seem as though equivalent to cop lets him know. Be that as it may, Rhea claims to fall and stops him. Scene end

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