Scene begins with Pragya in tears says that she cherishes Rhea so much and always remember to consider her in any event, for a second and I praised each birthday of you and purchased present for you consistently so please acknowledge my presents and on the off chance that I know reality I can never make you arrive at this medical clinic and Aliya revealed to me that you detests me however I didn’t attempted to meet you before on the grounds that I don’t have addresses for your inquiries and I may set everything on the off chance that I know you’re my other girl yet our destiny is isolating us and already in each second we are associated without knowing our connection and I spared such a great amount of adoration for you in these 20years and I love you more than my life so please awaken. Pragya sees consumed hand of Rhea a d reminsces Prachi words how Rhea commited self destruction on account of her.

Ranbir ranges to medical clinic and thinks to express sorry to Rhea to get his adoration Prachi and figures Rhea can’t be obstinate in the event that she have mother like Prachi mother. Ranbir gets some information about Rhea. Medical caretaker says Rhea needs to go to home however she can’t go before release. Ranbir asks would he be able to meet her. Medical caretaker says no doubt except for some woman came to meet her and she is crying such a great amount for her. Ranbir figures it tends to be Aliya.

Pragya says why you attempted to end it all, you’re life of endless individuals, I seperated from your Dad and my off-base choice made such a great amount of issue for you and Prachi so please pardon me and I’m so grieved. Ranbeer sees Pragya in Rhea words and forgets about saying he return later however he thinks why Prachi Mom is crying do much for Rhea.

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Pragya says I can’t remain here in light of the fact that I don’t have addresses for others questions and I will re-visitation of your life when you required me, yet I realize you won’t acknowledge me yet I can’t build your disdain staying Infront of you and she leaves subsequent to kissing Rhea.

Rhea says mother and she recaptures cognizant and going to go from room yet quits reasoning Saritha and Aliya words and thinks my mother cannot be here and she will be with Prachi, I sat tight for her 20years and she won’t re-visitation of me however why I felt she is with me. Pragya also feels something however leaves thinking Rhea is dozing. Rhea cries figuring her Mom won’t want her. Pragya says to Ranbir that Rhea is resting and asks him to dont advise anybody that she came to meet Rhea. Ranbir says alright and thinks Pragya is sacrificial.

Prachi looks for Pragya on street. Ranbir calls Prachi yet he didn’t educate Prachi about Pragya and inquires as to why she is stressed. Prachi says I got call from Mom and she is crying that time and I heard vehicle sounds so I’m frightened reasoning imagine a scenario where she met with mishap. Ranbir says she is fine and he met her close to city medical clinic. Prachi says alright and attempted to stop the vehicles for taking lift.

Prachi turns her face aside observing Abhi vehicle. Abhi stops the vehicle since his Ac issue and than he sees Prachi through mirror and goes towards her while reminscing his previous minutes with Prachi. Abhi says Prachi. Prachi says sir for what reason would you say you are crying? Rhea? Prachi asks did her Mom met him? Abhi gestures yes.

Prachi says sorry in case you’re harmed with my mother words however she didn’t do it purposefully and I hurted you accidentally, I educated everything to my Mom since I won’t conceal a single thing from her. Abhi says I hurted you right. Prachi says yes since I’m harmed in light of the fact that you said My father will embarrassed to have a girl like me, I concur that I don’t have Dad yet my Mom is everything to me and she gave me love of my dad as well and I needn’t bother with any dad in my life. Abhi gets stunned.

Kumkum bhagya spoiler 31 October 2020 Episode

Prachi going to leave in Auto however Abhi offers to drop her. Prachi says city emergency clinic. Abhi inquires as to why she needs to go there. Prachi says to meet her mom. Abhi thinks perhaps Pragya went to meet Rhea and asks whether her Mom educated anything to her available to come in to work. Prachi asks what. Abhi figures Pragya didn’t educated her however this time I need to rely upon Pragya in light of the fact that I don’t by what method will Prachi respond in the event that I revealed to her that I’m her Dad, don’t know if she acknowledge me.