Kumkum Bhagya 30 April 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Sarita behen coming to Pragya and requests that she drink milk. Pragya rejects. Sarita behen requests that she determine what is in her heart? Pragya says I was quiet when Tanu tore down Prachi, on the off chance that I needed, I would have given her a decent answer. I didn’t utter a word. Sarita says you would have answered to her. Pragya says Tanu imagines that she has made us caught and we can’t come out from it, yet I know to bomb her trick. Sarita behen says she will appeal to God for Mr. Mehra and God won’t make her miserable. Pragya says I need to reveal to you something, yet can’t tell. Sarita behen says don’t advise me, yet tell in the event that I will be cheerful or miserable knowing it. Pragya says you should be my mom in the past birth. Sarita behen says you are my little girl and embraces her. Pragya says she is stressed,

in any case, she has her trust with her. Sarita behen requests that she think positive and goes to close the entryway. Pragya watches out through the window and considers Abhi. Allah wariyan plays… .Abhi likewise thinks about her.


Ranbir goes to his room and discovers Aryan there. Aryan says you didn’t pick my call when you were with Prachi, says you got drawn in to Rhea out of frustration, however your heart actually thumps for Prachi. Rhea comes there. Ranbir discloses to her that whatever Aryan told was very much like that. He requests that Aryan go. Rhea inquires as to for what reason did you do this to me? She says you were with Prachi and didn’t advise me. Ranbir says there was nothing to say. Rhea says you went to Tanu’s home with Prachi and didn’t educate me regarding your capture. He says he didn’t go with Prachi, she didn’t realize that I was going there, and even I don’t about her. He asks what is her concern and says Prachi doesn’t adore me, you know well. Rhea says she don’t cherish you, yet do you love her. Ranbir inquires as to whether he cherishes Prachi. Rhea says she needs him not to go close to Prachi. Ranbir says you can’t handle my life. Rhea says I can, shows the ring and says it is my right. She goes out. Ranbir hears Pallavi’s shouting. Rhea gives her treatment. Ranbir comes there and asks what was the deal? Vikram says she was strolling quick and got her leg injured. Pallavi asks him not to show care and helps to remember his words. Ranbir says I recently told that Prachi really focuses on everybody and really focuses on boss a great deal, than any other individual in this house. Rhea says you can’t pass judgment on my affection for my dad and says I love him a ton, which you can’t see. Ranbir says he isn’t conversing with her. He tells that neither one of the is realize that I was going to Tanu’s home nor Prachi thinks about me being there and advises that she has nothing to do with whatever occurred. Pallavi considers Prachi liable for everything. She gets up. Vikram says we will make the children see, yet we are battling. He says you will not talk infront of Rhea. Ranbir says Dad… Pallavi asks him not to meddle. Ranbir inquires as to whether she is glad and goes. Pallavi discloses to Vikram that everything occurred because of her.Rhea comes behind Ranbir and asks what’s the significance here by his words? Ranbir says everything was in your grasp, you are the main driver of each battle. Rhea says for what reason are you accusing me, you should fault Prachi. Ranbir says you are inquiring as to why I was with Prachi, yet didn’t think why I went there. He says Prachi isn’t imperative to me, Chief is essential to me. He says your disdain for Prachi, diminishes your adoration for your Papa. He says on the off chance that you had not upheld his mom, the last wouldn’t have battled with him. Rhea says sorry. Ranbir says I can’t see how might anybody can have disdain for Prachi, who is excessively acceptable. He says assuming Prachi would have been here, she would have informed that I went there for Chief and not for her.


Vikram requests that Pallavi comprehend his emotions. Pallavi says you need Ranbir and Prachi’s union to occur. Vikram says it didn’t make any difference and asks her not to drag Prachi in the matter. Rhea comes there and requests that they quit battling. She says Prachi has made this misconception and asks them not to battle. Ranbir comes there. Pallavi says my would be bahu is understanding and everything turned out to be acceptable, similarly as you comprehended. She says I am with you Rhea. Rhea gestures her head.


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  1. pragya you don’t think about tanu you just leave it I don’t care at all impossible.
    judgment this pragya she will gets upest so fast so please judgment now be careful now days understand what I am saying for you.
    pragya you inform raguvir mishra in the court you don’t change your topic please try to understand but you can do it okay.

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