The scene begins with Ranbir asking AC what he is watching. Riya requests that he help her change the pad. Ranbir encourages him and Riya makes the most of his proximity. Aaliya requests that Riya take the medicine. Ranbir takes medicine. Aaliya goes out and apologizes to Riya and harasses them. Riya grins and will not take medicine, however Ranbir has given her the medicine as she says that I have been trying to chat with you for 2 days and you realize that our people believe us.

Riya reprimands Roshni saying that her eyes are being consumed. Ranbir kills Prakash and advises him to leave to request that she rest, yet Riya leaves him saying that she is not leaving him as it is scaring her and keeping this in mind That she lives long enough to meet dozens of people. Ranbir consents and requests that his comfort and as much as he remembers his minutes with Prachi, sometime later he walks out of Riya’s room in a dizzy change of his bedsheet. Riya happily admits that she thinks of me.

In Gauchar, Abhi learns how Pragya stops her. The thugs intend to kidnap Abhay and they stop Abhishek but stops Abhi but Abhi beats him severely and when he goes to leave Abhi, Abhi bites Abhi. Police Inspector Bhaskar surrounds the thugs and calls Abhi. Take them to the police headquarters. the con. Abhi expresses her gratitude to him. Bhaskar says that it is his responsibility.

Asks Abhi if she is that experience authority. Bhaskar says that the shots for these thugs are meaningless and he leads his show on Balaji.

Aaliya calls Abhi yet he does not go to her call, Aaliya asks if she is bringing Pragya and Prachi home. Mithali asks is this valid? I am apprehensive that if Pragya returns home, she will retaliate. Aaliya stops her and advises her not to be apprehensive in light of the fact that she is not sure. Abhi walks out of frustration. Than Aaliya says that Pragya Abhi stops her idiom not to take Pragya with me and I break my bond with her. Aaliya says that we are meaningless stressed yet the result is in support of ourselves. Mithali says that it is not written in Kumkum’s fate.

Pragya and Abhi get excited remembering their minutes. Abhi feels that even after knowing all this, I need to escape from my little girl and spouse. Pragya feels that she is not meeting him.

Aaliya feels that there is a place with her in this house and she never lets Pragya and Abhi come to United and she wants to praise her victory.

The next day BG asks where Vikram is. Vikram went to fill according to his arrangement. Riya Pallavi and BG wish Happy Dussehra.

Pallavi praised Riya’s look. Riya says that the incineration marks are completely covered as a result of the dress. BG says there will be blems around that ponder you make. Pallavi hugs Riya, saying that she does not feel terrible about anyone and says that she presented some unusual shock to him. Riya asks what a blessing. Pallavi says how she wanted to draw with Ranbir at night and Vikram went to buy the ring. Riya gets some information about the appropriate response. Pallavi and BG guarantee her that Ranbir will do this for them and we conclude that you are our little girl and what is your answer. Riya said smiling. BG and Pallavi tell that we have your answer and keep it a secret from Ranbir as it is an awe for him and Abhi. Riya guarantees her that she will not tell it to anyone.

Ranbir wakes up and settles on a video decision for Prachi and brushes his hair. Prachi rains on her

Ranbir congratulated him on Dussehra. In the same way Prachi needs her and she looks for him and gets some information about Riya’s well being. Ranbir says that he is improving.