Kumkum Bhagya 3 March 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

The Episode begins with Prachi coming to Ranbir as he is going to leave. Melody plays… .SubhanAllah plays… ..Ranbir inquires as to whether she needs to say something. Prachi says much obliged. Ranbir says thank you, Sarita Dadi said this. He says I thought you need to say something which is said during uncommon minutes, yet nothing. He says alright and requests her to take care from herself. Prachi requests that he fare thee well. Ranbir shuts the entryway. Prachi goes to the entryway and thinks I have fouled up with him, however he is even now acceptable like previously. She laments to do awful with him. Shahana takes a gander at her. Pragya reviews the embarrassment which she had looked because of Aaliya while attempting to meet Abhi. She figures no one can prevent me from meeting him. Sarita behen comes there and says I came to know it all and tells that she had called Baljeet

Dadi, yet she didn’t pick her call. She says baljeet Dadi was planning for your grah pravesh. Pragya says there is something incorrectly occurring there. Sarita behen says you was rescued this time, but..Pragya says nothing is simple, I need to go there and tells that she is Mr. Mehra’s better half at this point. Sarita behen says Mr. Mehra isn’t picking the calls. Pragya says even Purab isn’t picking the call. Sarita behen says in the event that Aaliya sees you once more, will call Police once more. She trusts the two of them meet soon. Pragya reviews Aaliya requesting that Tai ji bring her Servant from the village.Prachi and Shahana go to the corridor. Pragya requests that they brush their teeth and spruce up.


Sarita behen gets glad seeing her fine and embraces her. Pragya says no one can get her far from her satisfaction and shows the paper. Prachi thinks Pragya needs to do the work. Pragya says she is thinking to do some work and will be fine if occupied. Prachi goes. They go. Sarita behen says I comprehended what you need to do. Pragya asks her not to tell the young ladies. Sarita behen favors her. Prachi brings kajal and applies dark tika to her.


Prachi asks Pragya did you converse with Papa. They sit for the morning meal. She says ofcourse you may have talked and that is the reason glad.

Shahana requests that she be careful with Rhea’s buji, Mitali and Tai ji. Pragya says eat first. Sarita behen requests that she sit. Mitali asks the Servant Vandana to tune in and says Aaliya won’t give you pay. Vandana advises that she would prefer not to remain here for compensation and tells that Aaliya resembles a terrible feline. Mitali says I will advise Aaliya. Vandana goes from that point and crashes into Pragya, who enters there with cloak on her head.


Vandana tells that she was recruited two days back and left the work, this house resembles a psychological refuge. Vandana tells that Aaliya thinks herself as the ruler and Mitali offers guidance however she don’t have psyche of her own. She says who are you, I discover your voice natural? Pragya hacks and figures Aaliya will recognize my voice.Mitali goes to Aaliya and crashes into her. Aaliya chastens Mitali and requests that she send Vandana to clean the floor. Mitali says Vandana left the work because of you. Aaliya says that Servant. Mitali says she resembles a Queen and tells that she showed me disposition. Aaliya asks her not to give her compensation.

Mitali says Vandana said that she don’t need and told numerous awful things for you. She tells everything. Aaliya asks how could you hear this. Entryway chime rings. Aaliya thinks Vandana has returned and goes to open the entryway. Pragya thinks if Aaliya recognizes me, I need to face the challenge. Tanu opens the entryway. Pragya gets stunned seeing her, thinks she was not here till yesterday.


Tanu says on the off chance that you would prefer not to say, I will close the entryway. Aaliya and Mitali come there. Pragya reviews Tanu’s cheat, blows up and takes a gander at her.At the school, Prachi discloses to Ranbir that she needs to express gratitude toward her. Ranbir says you said this. Prachi says I was impolite to you, however you acted so pleasantly and caused me. His companion calls him. Prachi requests that he go. Ranbir requests that she say. Prachi says thank you and leaves. Ranbir says you called me with the right.

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