Purab going to his room. Aaliya sees him and gets cheerful. She embraces him and says she is so glad to see him. She inquires as to whether he needed to astound her and asks did you miss me? Purab says I figured you will change with time, however you won’t change. He says did you actually imagine that how Pragya di is feeling? Aaliya says what is my slip-up, if Bhai is wedding Meera because of Rhea.

She tells that Pragya has picked Prachi over Rhea and tells that she will recount the story in short. She tells that Rhea is difficult and attempted to get Prachi in the issue, likewise completed her mishap. She tells that Pragya had come here on Diwali day to get Rhea captured and Prachi and Rhea battled. She says Prachi disclosed to her that she don’t have the right to get a mother, so Rhea needed to get a mother and Meera was the most ideal choice. Purab says you didn’t tell how could this occur and says the explanation is you, this is your arrangement. He is going to go to guestroom. Aaliya says you have made separated with one another. Purab says we never had closeness among us, and you are looking at removing. Later he goes to Pragya’s home. Prachi says sir..you.

She requests that what call you? He says Chucks. Prachi says Chucks. Pragya comes and embraces Purab. Purab says he has met his niece and advises that he has identified with her twice, from Pragya and Abhi’s side. Shahana welcomes him as well. Sarita behen says you are acceptable to be called as Chucks. Purab inquires as to whether she realizes that Abhi is getting hitched. Pragya says indeed, let him wed.

Ranbir is composing letter to Prachi, when Pallavi comes there and inquires as to for what reason did he face a particularly enormous challenge for Prachi? She says I realize that you cherished her, however proceed onward throughout everyday life and fail to remember the past. She requests that she start once again. Ranbir says love will be love when there is no control or lie between the people. He says I wonder individuals wouldn’t have seen the distinction among adoration and possessiveness. He says on account of possessiveness, you makes the other individual don’t impart love to somebody and that is the reason they get trust issues. He says despite the fact that relations don’t break, yet it gets hyper-extended.

Ranbir keeps hand on Prachi’s shoulder. She gets stunned and pushes him. He tumbles down. She sees him and causes him get up. She says she don’t have the solidarity to hear him out. Ranbir says in the event that you imagine that I am lying, at that point, I will leave. He advises that day he was going to her, when mummy got respiratory failure and I was unable to leave her. He says I pondered your words that we will not damage our mom and that is the reason consented to wed Rhea for mummy. He tells that he isn’t childish and wouldn’t have bear to lose her. He says on the off chance that I had lost her, at that point Dad would have disclosed to me that he lost his adoration because of me, at that point Dida would have explained why I was brought into the world in her family. Prachi feels that is the reason Ranbir did this. Ranbir says my mother is fine now and that is the reason I came here to make everything fine. He tells that his heart is now broken, yet don’t need her heart to break. He says he don’t care for that young lady and don’t care for short dress. He is sorry to her and tells that he realizes that he has done a mix-up and requests that she recall that he generally love her. He is sorry and is going to go, when Prachi stops him and embraces him. Ranbir says I am so sorry Prachi. Prachi says don’t be heartbroken, I confide in my Baklu and on all his wordses. Ranbir requests that she trust him generally else he will get respiratory failure. Prachi says she will never leave me. Ranbir says coming to you, resembles bowing head infront of sanctuary. Prachi tells that Rhea said that your and her roka… Ranbir kisses on her hand and tells that one day he will drop by entryway and will take her to his home. Prachi requests that he return home. Ranbir says I love you Prachi and experiences the window.

Rhea considers Ranbir saving Prachi and forgetting about her (Rhea’s) hand to save her. She blows up. Aaliya comes there and asks what was the deal? Rhea tells that she can give her life for Ranbir, and Pallavi realizes one or the other why picked her. She says Ranbir disregarded me, so he can save Prachi and cries. Aaliya requests that she accomplish something different Pallavi’s enthusiastic dramatization and her hardwork will go waste. She says the opportunity has already come and gone, else you will lose Ranbir until the end of time.

Rhea comes to Prachi in the school and says you was acceptable in Hoshiarpur and requests that she avoid Ranbir. Prachi says now I came to know it all and says Ranbir consented to wed you for his mom. She cautions her to avoid her Ranbir. Rhea yells Prachi. Prachi defies her for offering torment to her mom and embracing Meera. She says Papa wedding Meera aunt and asks didn’t you comprehend Maa’s agony. Rhea requests that she shut up and tells that she realizes her mother cherishes her a great deal and subsequent to knowing this likewise, she did this with her. She says my Dad loves me so much and that is the reason he consented to wed Meera aunt. She says I am the explanation behind this marriage. She says your mother left me and now my father is leaving your mother. She says what do you imagine that your danger will deal with me, no..but will expand your mother’s agony. Prachi asks her not to do this and says Maa will separated. She says she will not get torment from Papa and argues infront of her not. Rhea requests that her and Pragya cry this way, says I like it. Prachi slaps her. Read more...