Abhi inquires as to whether she is upbeat? Pragya asks how frequently, will I disclose to you that I am glad. Abhi says I need to hear lie over and over from your mouth. She asks will I get the tattoo applied all over. Abhi says

you had said that you will move today. Pragya says music please and begins moving. She is going to fall, when Abhi comes and holds her. Dadi gets upbeat seeing them together. Aaliya, Rhea, Pallavi, beeji and others come there… .Abhi and Pragya dance on the melody Aakhiri Baar. Meera gets miserable and vexed seeing their dance. Dadi grins. The looters look on. Goga additionally watches them moving… .Meera gets vexed. Aakhiri baar plays… ..Pragya takes a gander at him. Everybody applauds. Abhi asks would you be able to be upbeat? Pragya asks will you be cheerful. Pragya says your desire. Abhi goes to Meera.

Ranbir picks up awareness. Shahana asks would you say you are as yet lazy? Aryan says not presently. Shahana inquires as to whether he has any voice and inquires as to why he didn’t talk when Rhea was charging Prachi. Ranbir asks what has occurred? Shahana begins acclaims Prachi and tells that Rhea has raised fault on Prachi’s character, saying she has exploited. She says Rhea said then that you left Prachi for her. Aaliya requests that Tai ji give the wedding band to Abhi. Specialist comes there. Pallavi says Doctor came for my examination and approaches him to hang tight for at some point. Abhi takes the ring in his grasp. Pragya cries and turns her face. Abhi calls Pragya’s name… .Pragya actually stands. Abhi is going to make Meera wear the ring, when Pragya comes and gives her hand. Everybody is stunned. Abhi makes Pragya wear ring cheerfully. They embrace one another. It ends up being Pragya’s creative mind. Pragya shuts her eyes in agony… .

Abhi is going to make Meera wear the ring, when the rings slips and comes moving to Pragya’s feet. Abhi calls her name. Pragya doesn’t go to her. Abhi goes to her and takes the ring. He asks what was the deal? He inquires as to whether you were unable to see this commitment, at that point stop it. Pragya says I won’t stop. Abhi says I am exhausted of your disposition and reminds the thing he had said about his subsequent marriage. He says simply show your privilege and stop the commitment, says my joy lies in your joy. Pragya embraces him and cries. He says I needed to hear this and makes her wear the ring once more. Again it was creative mind of Pragya. Abhi requests that Pragya give him the ring. Pragya picks the ring.

Aryan discloses to Ranbir that Rhea misjudged Prachi when she was attempting to make you lay on the bed. Ranbir gets miserable and disturbed. Shahana charges Ranbir for making’s Prachi extremely upset and says I wouldn’t have encouraged you. She inquires as to for what reason did you offer spot to Prachi in your heart, when you don’t give her any right. She says I am exceptionally furious on the day, when she met you, says her life’s greatest error is you and you are the most exceedingly awful man… She asks didn’t you feel embarrassed and pushes him on the bed. Aryan asks didn’t you realize that he is in strain. Shahana says very soon, he will get ready for marriage, wed and have vacation. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Also, he goes. Aryan requests that Shahana hear him out and advises that Ranbir left Prachi because of his mother. He tells that in the event that Prachi’s mother didn’t support Ranbir, at that point she would have done likewise. Shahana tells that she has done what she thought right. Goga signs the burglar to offer juice to Meera. Abhi strolls towards her. Ring slips from her hand. Abhi twists down to pick the ring. Pragya advances her hand. Abhi grins… Allah wariyan plays… .

Prachi requests that Ranbir avoid her. Pragya reveals to Abhi that the specialist was cheat, of the gems store. Prachi reveals to Ranbir that everything has finished, it’s finished.