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The episode begins with Alia and Pragya saying that they have made this plan to take revenge from them. Alia says that I cannot accept this condition of Riya, that is why she calls security. Abhi says what are you doing Alia says that you cannot stop me and asks Pragya to be sent out for safety. Abhi stops him. Pragya says that she has not taken holidays for this Riya is her daughter. Aaliya says that you have to leave them because Riya hates you so much and there is nothing for her so you should go back and do not include Riya in your revenge.

Abhi starts raising her hands on Aaliya but Pragya stops her. Aaliya tells Pragya to go out of her life and starts stopping Preeta for this condition of Hariya and he says that you love Prachi the way I love Riya, in the same way Pragya asks her to go out. Abhi asks her why she will go and says that you don’t have the right to say anything to her as Pragya is Riya’s mother that’s why. Pragya leaves the place after listening to Alia.

Pragya goes on the road like this and starts remembering the allegations made by Riya and Aaliya and starts running on the road itself. Looking at Abhi, she says that I am going to find Pragya but Aaliya stops her and says that this Pragya has to go through our lives. Abhi says that I cannot discharge her from life. Alia says that you still care not about Pragya but Riya. If you love Korea, then it would be good if you let Prachi and Pragya stay away from us.

He says that I will see for myself how I can manage Riya, so it would be good if you stay away from our case.

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So that you will see that Pragya gets Prachi’s call Prachi asks her where you are. Pragya says that I am on the road. Similarly, the people with the car come in nicely and scold her for walking on the wrong side, thus Pragya stops the taxi and sits in it. Abhi on the other hand tells Aaliya that please leave me alone. Abhi starts thinking that Pragya must have been upset after hearing Aaliya’s words.

Next you will see the taxi driver ask Pragya why she is crying, I say that I will meet my daughter after 20 years. The driver says that she had not met him before? Pragya says that I have met her many times but I did not know that she is my daughter. Prachi goes to find Pragya on the other side, Sarita tries hard to stop him at first, but still she goes to find Pragya.

Hariya says that I want to go home. The nurse gives him an injection and says that you talk to the doctor once and then you can go home. Hey or do you understand at that time.

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Pragya and Prachi meet up. Pragya says I’m a bad person for leaving you alone. I know you can’t forgive me but I don’t deserve your love, that’s why I can have as much teeth is. Abhi is looking for Pragya and thinks where Pragya must have gone. He thinks that she might have gone to Prachi that I will tell her everything that I am her mother and her father right now. And I also think that I will apologize to Prachi and tell Prachi everything and I will see her smile. A similar exemption ends.