The Episode begins offevolved with Rhea asking Prachi if Ranbir does this together along with her. Prachi says Ranbir doesn’t take care of small matters, he’s exclusive or even we combat, however don’t drag it for long. She says we understand that combat will now no longer be permanent, however the relation might be permanent. She asks her now no longer to permit ego come among them or even we maintain this in mind. She asks her to name Sid and asks if he’s nevertheless angry, then scold him and asks him to stop the combat. She asks her to inform that she loves him lots after which his anger will cross. Rhea says ok, you cross, I will name him. Prachi says I understand you may cope with and asks her to persuade him and inform her. She hugs her and is going. Rhea thinks why don’t they apprehend that as opposed to calling Sid, I want to visit Bangalore with Ranbir, I don’t suppose why they

aren’t sending Ranbir with me, I made excuse to move there. She says Sid will left Bangalore, by the point we attain there. She thinks then I will faux to be sick after which Ranbir must be with him. She thinks why are they now no longer making plans to ship him with me. She thinks they could inform that Ranbir shall go along with you and I will say, its fine. Soni comes there and says Pallavi maam is asking you. Rhea is going to Pallavi. Pallavi says you may visit Bangalore. Rhea says I can’t journey on my own and can’t ask absolutely everyone to return back along side me. She says like you’re busy and Daddy has simply grow to be fine, Prachi looks after kitchen and Dida. She says I can’t ask Dida and thinks they have to have informed that Ranbir will go along with you. Pallavi says Ranbir will go along with you, you may now no longer have any problem. Rhea receives glad and says how can Ranbir include me, he has to do workplace paintings as Sid isn’t right here. Vikram says I will cope with the workplace paintings. Rhea says Daddy however. He says you’re calling me uncle, with whom you used to bitch approximately others, you used to believe me, and says whilst your Dad become now no longer with you, I become with you. He says once I got here to understand approximately what Sid has done, he asks her to wait the wedding and enjoy. Rhea says Prachi will sense bad, as she has to do residence paintings on my own. Pallavi says we’re together along with her and says Ranbir will drop you to Sid’s motel. Rhea says you shall ask Ranbir if he’s going to drop me. Pallavi calls Ranbir.

Tanu scolds Shagun for now no longer making tasty meals. Mitali says you don’t understand even to make tea. Pragya comes there. Mitali asks it is ideal which you got here, why do you provide cash to them. Aaliya says you’ve got got made them take a seat down for your head, and asks them to take the whole thing from the table. Mitali says whilst there may be no butter, oil in paratha and asks wherein did they cross? Tai ji says they have to have taken all the ones matters to their home. Tanu says don’t make meals for me, a person else will make meals for me. Tai ji asks Pragya now no longer to sense bad, says your own home is ideal, however your Servants are like Dhaba people and asks her to have a few accurate Servants. Pragya says you each shall take off. Shagun and different Cook asks them now no longer to hearthplace them. Shagun says Sushma ji and Dadi preferred the meals. Other Cook says Dadi preferred it, if she had now no longer long past to temple then she could have stated. Pragya says each of you shall have a holiday. Shagun and different prepare dinner dinner ask her now no longer to hearthplace them. Pragya says how did you’ve got got the false impression that I am firing you of your job. She says whilst no one just like the meals made with the aid of using you, then why to make meals. She asks them to move and do different paintings of the residence. Tanu asks what’s this manner, I don’t like. Pragya says I don’t like your manner and says you shouldn’t have handled Shagun and Aanchal this manner.

Aaliya asks what did we do? Pragya says you have to be pleased about their paintings. Aaliya says you’re insulting us. Pragya asks them to move and make meals anything they like. Tanu says we will get the equal recognize as you. Pragya asks her to live as visitors and excuses herself. Mitali and Tai ji inform that Pragya is changed. Abhi comes there. Tanu says Pragya has insulted Aaliya, Tai ji, Mitali and me and moved the plate from infront of me. Aaliya says she requested us to make meals for ourselves and insulted us. Pragya comes there and asks Shagun wherein is her automobile key? Abhi says I am hungry. Pragya asks him to have breakfast. He says I don’t understand a way to make breakfast, they’re right here due to me. He says they moved to chawl because of me and I become consuming and couldn’t assist them. Pragya says you could achieve this plenty for your self and your family. Abhi says they’re now no longer staying in chawl, I did. Pragya says that is my residence and they’re staying right here due to me. Abhi asks her to prevent insulting them. Pragya asks him to invite them to prevent insulting her people. Shagun comes and says key isn’t there. Abhi has the important thing and tells that he’s going to do his job, he didn’t resign. Tanu, Tai ji and Aaliya ask Mitali to make meals. Mitali asks them to have tasty meals stored at the table. Aaliya asks her to make. Mitali thinks her future remains the equal.

Ranbir involves the hall. Pallavi asks him to go along with Rhea to Bangalore, as she will be able to’t cross on my own, and you need to take her. She asks whilst is the wedding? Rhea says day after tomorrow. Pallavi asks him to take her tomorrow. Ranbir says he can’t cross, he has a lot paintings and has to address the mission too. Vikram says I will do the paintings. Rhea says how you may manipulate? Vikram says I will manipulate and do the paintings. Dida says I will go along with Rhea. Rhea says how can you return back with me, because of your fitness issues. She says needs satisfy in mayka and now no longer in sasural, says she can be able to tell her pal that she will be able to’t come. Ranbir says its accurate which you agreed. Pallavi calls Prachi and tells that Ranbir is refusing to take Rhea to the motel and asks her to persuade Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir will drop her, if he refused. Ranbir asks Pallavi why did she name Prachi. He asks Rhea to percent her bags. Rhea says as soon as I attain there, I will scold Sid. She thank you Pallavi and Prachi. She says sorry Prachi, you need to cope with all of the paintings on my own. Prachi asks her now no longer to fear and ship them photos. Dida is dubious approximately Rhea and is going from there. Pallavi asks Rhea to percent her bags. Rhea is going to Vikram and says Daddy, thanks a lot. Vikram says you stated it together along with your coronary heart, I will maintain you glad always.

Ranbir calls Sid and asks why did you visit Bangalore? Sid thinks of Rhea’s phrases and says she is aware of it. Ranbir says you wrote a notice to her and says I must carry Rhea to Bangalore because of your reaction. Sid says why you’re bringing her, she will be able to come on my own. Sid receives dubious. Ranbir says she desires to come there for her pal’s wedding. He says she loves you lots and says he’s going to drop Rhea to airport and asks him to select out her. Sid asks if Prachi agreed. Ranbir says yes, Prachi wishes her husband to move farfar from her. Sid says she is status at the back of you. Ranbir says I need her to concentrate to me. Sid asks her now no longer to combat with him. Prachi says we are able to communicate later. She attempts to cheer him up and asks if she kiss him, then will he communicate to her.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he’s going to provide his coronary heart to a person’s else. Ranbir says till you’re with me, I will now no longer study absolutely everyone. Prachi smiles. Aaliya lies to Rhea and says your mother had driven your Dad, says she desires to kill him. Rhea says Mom desires to kill Dad. She sees Abhi and Pragya sitting withinside the automobile and using off. She receives shocked.