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The episode begins with a woman who says that it is alive. Aaliya says thinking that she is not going to meet Abhi and leave but
The public and the driver stop her, and ask her to take her to the hospital, Aaliya tries to deny but he warns to complain against her that Aaliya was refusing to take the woman to the hospital.

On the way you will see that she sees that the woman is not Pragya and starts wondering where Pragya has gone. Next you will see that Pragya asks about security from now on, she says that she is inside and tries to make them.

Alia and Alia drop the woman and the driver on the road and ask her to take her to the hospital to give them money and cards in her car and start wondering if they can stop their meeting and she calls That she tells him to take her back home that Riya needs her but I call the company number. Similarly Meenakshi picks up the hall

Alia asks why not answering the call right now because someone had met the women. Manish says that no, Alia tells him to turn off the power and stops the woman when she comes now to meet him.

Pragya angrily goes to Abhi and Manish tries hard to stop her but he cannot hear anymore than Pragya turns off the power supply to Manish and Pragya comes to see each other but the power is gone. Today you will see that Pragya will say that I do not go anywhere because I want to talk with you. Now start thinking where is Pragya, where is Mr. Meher Map Ranchi’s mother, that’s how I finally got a chance from you and you can’t go from where you are.

Today you will see that now remembering his past moments with Prachi, he starts thinking that he will break up with him but he has a blood relation with Prachi and she is my daughter. Similarly, security starts wondering why the light inside is switched off and she goes to check it. Here you will see that she asks to leave about the officers but Alia hit her car. The officials question what they have done.

Today you will see that Prakash starts to sail and learns her daughter from someone and says that her daughter always treats someone well and she will never come between Ranveer and Riya that she will be separated from them. Only people know how to join together.

Next you will see that now you say that you are out of mind, the officer says that you are out of mind and you have to apologize to us for the collision Alia says let me finish my work, I will give you I will go inside after seeing The officer says that I will complain to you.

In the last phase you will see that Manish says that he cannot stop a woman but can turn her face. Aaliya asks about the application from now on and goes on that path. Prada says that maybe you feel that I am lying but I have confessed murderers Keria has sent her to kill Prachi, I am very sad to know this and I slapped her but He did this in a security that he can feed him in the morning, but Prachi says that there is no mistake in this thing, this is how the saffron ends.