Kumkum Bhagya 27 March 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Abhi bounces from first floor with fabric saying mogli. Everybody gets stunned. Ashok calls Killer and educates him how tanked Abhi secures him washroom. Executioner says don’t stress I’m coming to setting so we can slaughter Abhi. Ashok concurs. Abhi swings holding fabric and vestiges the design. Aliya says where Is Gayathri. Mitali says she is at higher up. Aliya requests that Mitali and Tanu set everything and takes Abhi with her to higher up. Mitali sees Gayathri and reveals to her how Abhi destroyed everything turning out to be mogli. Pragya goes higher up to check him.

Aliya going to beat Abhi however Ranbir stops her by holding stick. Aliya says how could you to stop me, don’t cross your cutoff points. Ranbir says don’t cross your cutoff points, how might you lift your hand to hit boss, how might you beat your sibling. Aliya says it’s noone of your business. Ranbir says I will be child in law of this house and in alternate way additionally I will not allow you to show your indignation in boss.


Aliya says he is my sibling and I realize how to deal with him. Ranbir says you can converse with him appropriately however you didn’t, this gathering isn’t significant than boss and he can do anything in party. Abhi gets scared.Ranbir advises to Abhi that I love you boss and you can do anything you need and I will not allow anybody to contact you and he cautions Aliya to treat boss appropriately else I will take Chief from this house and you can’t found where I took him. Rhea goes into room and asks what occurred. Ranbir tells how Aliya is beating Abhi. Abhi says Aliya is beating me. Aliya says she didn’t. Rhea says Dad should lie. Ranbir says what? He addresses Aliya how might she act Infront of Rhea. Aliya says end this theme here and I’m notice you to never rehash it and leaves. Ranbir gets angry.Rhea tells how she got humiliated due to her Dad. Aliya runs with Gayathri and chides her for leaving Abhi. Gayathri yells why you beat him. Ranbir takes Rhea with him to outside. Rhea asks Ranbir to never act in this manner with her auntie. Ranbir inquires as to whether she is truly bosses girl. Rhea says what jabber. Ranbir says how might you say he is humiliating you? Didn’t you recall how he dealt with you in adolescence? Why you’re conflicting with him. Rhea says you likewise like me if your Dad struck in my father’s circumstance. Read More…..


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