The Episode begins with Abhi sitting on the pony. Pragya says the pony began running. Abhi says he moved to make it run. Pragya inquires as to whether the shooter is coming behind him. Abhi says no. Pragya requests that he stop the pony and discloses to him that they will stroll, as her body parts are stirred up with the pony ride. Abhi says indeed, you said right and says regarding horse bearing their weight. Pragya says I am discussing myself. Abhi and Pragya gets down from the pony. Abhi thanks pony and gives it grass to eat. He says he would have taken it to his farmhouse, yet till we meet once more, he kisses Pragya on her cheeks. Pragya says we are outside, what’s happening with you? Abhi says we will go inside some place and says you had given a green sign quite recently, that we are outside. Pragya says alright, I will go. Abhi

says shooter is there and asks where she needs to get caught. Pragya says I won’t proceed to will be with you generally. They begin strolling. Allah wariyan plays… .Abhi inquires as to why she is strolling this way and says a couple walk while clasping hands. Pragya embraces him and says they walk this way. Abhi inquires as to why tears came in her eyes. Pragya gets passionate and guarantees that she won’t ever leave him. Abhi says I will likewise never leave you and requests that she guarantee that she won’t ever leave him. Pragya guarantees him and requests that he converse with Purab. Abhi says I will talk later.

Purab is in the PS and reveals to Inspector that he is hanging tight for him since 30 mins. Reviewer says he was occupied since night as the young lady was grabbed. Purab says I didn’t imply that and advises that Abhi had gone to the sanctuary to wed Pragya di, when they emerge from the sanctuary, somebody needs to slaughter them. All of a sudden Abhi calls Purab and requests that he unwind. Purab says he was exceptionally stressed over them. Abhi requests that he drink water. All at once other shooter comes there and shows Abhi and Pragya’s pic inquiring as to whether he saw them. Abhi turns his face, while Pragya covers her head with ghunghat/shroud. The shooter comes to Pragya and inquires as to whether she saw them. Pragya gets stunned and gestures no. The shooter turns his bicycle to go and converses with Digvijay says, any place he discovers them, will execute them. Abhi converses with Purab and says we don’t imagine that we can return home, as we felt that it was only one person, yet there is a pack between us. He says I thought somebody needs to slaughter Pragya, however somebody needs to murder us both. Purab gets stunned. Abhi’s telephone battery is dead. Pragya says why you didn’t reveal to Purab that we are here, where he will bring the Police. Pragya says we need to stow away in this town and requests that he accompany her.

Ranbir takes Prachi to the room in the sanctuary and says Palak’s folks came out and they will murder us. Prachi asks him not to go and holds his hand. She asks where is Palak? Ranbir requests that she leave his hand so he can bring Palak. He goes. Shahana goes behind Ranbir. Rhea asks where is Ranbir? Aryan says he isn’t here? Ranbir comes there. Rhea asks what is imperative to him, as opposed to Dad’s marriage. Ranbir says valid, yet I came for them. All at once Jai twists down and Rhea accepts Aryan is wedding Palak. Rhea says alright, its alright, on the off chance that you come for Aryan’s marriage. She says Shaina passed some unacceptable data to me and says that god, I didn’t bring everybody here. Jai praises Aryan. Aryan expresses profound gratitude. Rhea says if Buji realizes that Aryan is wedding Palak.

Aaliya considers Abhi and Pragya’s marriage and gets vexed. Tai ji comes to Aaliya and says I am so grieved, we felt that Pragya will get distraught seeing Abhi and Meera’s marriage, and will break things, yet these things are finished by you. Aaliya yells and requests that she state more. Tai ji inquires as to for what reason are you yelling. Aaliya says I am frantic, for what reason did you come to converse with me and requests that she let her be. Raj comes there and asks what is she doing, which Pragya ought to have done. Aaliya requests that he let her be. Raj says I came to tell that Meera has come. Aaliya leaves the room.

Pragya requests that Abhi stop and asks until when we will run. Abhi says we need to run. Pragya says on the off chance that we fail to remember the way. Pragya inquires as to whether you are insulting me at that point say mogambo street moreover. Abhi says gracious God, I had failed to remember that I used to call you mogambo. The main shooter goes ahead the bicycle and says I have looked through you. Abhi requests that he get them. All of a sudden shooter bicycle stops. Other shooter comes there and says he came to murder Abhishek Mehra. The primary shooter gives him the arrangement that they will slaughter them together and share the cash. He says we will leave the bicycles here and search them.

Meera comes inside the house. Aaliya pushes her and asks how could you to come here, and says I will execute you. She says on the off chance that I had realized that you are with Pragya, at that point I would have execute you and afterward Pragya. Meera yells Aaliya. Aaliya says she was only a Servant here and advises that she attempted to cause her to wed Abhi so Pragya escapes the house. Aaliya requests that she get out and requests that Raj gather her sacks. Meera tells that Rhea needs her and she needs her. She pushes her once more. Meera falls on Pallavi, who has recently come. Pallavi says you can’t act this path with Meera and says Rhea needs her. Aaliya asks her not to meddle and don’t ruin their connection. Pallavi says they will be family members and that is the reason she can meddle. Aaliya says don’t meddle. Meera says I can deal with. Aaliya says I attempted to make you Bhai’s significant other and house proprietor and you were unable to get over Servant status and standing apart of the house. Meera says I remembered my status and that is the reason I am here and Pragya is there. She says Mr. Mehra like person is only one and only one can come in his life. She says she is glad to see Abhi and Pragya together who adores one another.