The visitors appears at her. She says that she has ordered meals from the eating place to electrify them however it fell down because it changed into too hot. Pallavi shouts at her for doing so. Amd offers keys to Prachi announcing she is a accountable daughter in regulation and he or she merits it. Prachi asks her to provide them to Rhea. Rhea shouts at her for displaying her low and tells her that she is the cause that this all has passed off. She could have stopped it however she didn’t. She shouts at dida as properly whilst she helps Rhea. Pallavi slaps her for shouting at her Mother in regulation and for disrespecting her.

Rhea comes out of her day dream. She receives a vall from Siddharth who asks her for a file. She asks him to name Prachi as she changed into running with him. Siddharth calls Prachi and he or she leaves to ship him the file. Rhea comes into the kitchen and drops it at the ground announcing that if it has passed off to her then it may manifest to her as properly and drops the meals. Abhi receives a name from Pragya whom he tells that she has betrayed him and tells her that she hates him.

Prachi enters the kitchen and receives shockee seeing her chole bature scattered at the ground. The Screen Freezes.