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The episode begins with Ranveer and he tells Ranveer that his breath is against his relationship with Prachi. Next you see that Palvi gets up and starts asking where Ranbir is. Daljeet says that he has gone to be the Flash. And he also gives encouragement to the moment.

Today you will see that the moment will also say that you had seen how Ranbir was talking to me, my anger got more after seeing the reality of Prachi and map Ranchi’s shadow near our house. Jeet also agrees with him and says how the deputy told him everything and that he has failed to get Prachi out of the house. Pallavi says that how to separate Prachi from Ranbir is why she asks her mother-in-law to talk with Ranbir and says that the applicant is not right for her, Daljit agrees.

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Mithali starts wondering why Pragya got a voice in her phone. Aaliya asks us what has happened. You look tired She tells him that someone called from our phone and her breath says that the voice sounded like Pragya but I am guessing that she could not be Pragya. Similarly Khay says that Tai had just told about the location. She too says yes and Aaliya starts thinking that it could be Pragya. Mithali thinks that it could also be Prachi’s mother.

Next you will see that Pragya asks about the address of the pharma company and sits in the taxi. On the way, Alia thinks about stopping Pragya from meeting her now. The employee says that the drug is being inspected and they feel that it is not their fault. Abhi says that we have started this organization to serve the force, not to collect money.

The drug inspector says nothing wrong and he says that just show us injustice best Abhi asks her employee to show them all the forms. Alia looks at Pragya and starts thinking that she can meet Abhi. Abhi says to Pragya that I know whether I have done it right or wrong with Prachi but what he has committed is very wrong. Aaliya thinks how Pragya can be stopped. And she feels that this chance is good to kill her, so she destroys Pragya Mohan from the car and Pragya’s car collides with a tree, Abhi feels something wrong. People feel that please is dead now.

Prachi says that my head is good, money is very much worried, that’s why he told me so many things. Sahana is afraid of her and why they did not tell her that it is said that her daughter tried to kill her. Sarita also supports Sahana. Prachi says that I should have a father like him.

Next you will see that Prachi says that he considers me like his daughter, so he thought it right to scold me but I felt very bad when he said that I want to move forward in my life. That is why I am very sad.

On the other hand, Ranbir also looks very sad. Daljeet comes to his room. Ranvir comes to Dharamvir’s room and hugs Ranvir and says that you are my best friend and you can understand me. But you cannot understand my heart because I love Ranchi so much and I have full faith in her that Prachi can never save anyone. Diljit asks him how long has he loved Prachi, Ranbir says that someone once asked me about the bank robbery incident when I made him feel my feelings. Diljit asks him if you loved Prachi on the day of CM’s attack. Ranveer answers no.

Ranbir says that at that time there was a lot of fighting between us. And Daljeet says that at that time you probably loved Rewa. The stranger says that it was not love but real love, I only do it from Prachi and not from Riya. Dharamvir says that I love Ranchi very much and embraces Dalits.

Next you will see that the moment also comes in her room and says that I am sure that Prachi will definitely come between you and Riya.

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Ranveer asks Daljeet to understand Prachi and his love. The moment also comes in Ranveer’s room and says that Prachi is trying to separate you and us. Ranveer says that I will never separate from you, no one can separate us all. But I want to have a branch in my life too. The moment also tells Ranveer that you forget Prachi, Ajmer says that Prachi is my everything, so I cannot speak to him. Pal also says that if he talks about Prachi again, he will see his dead face. Ranveer is shocked.