She says my seven promises are not large than your 9 months. She says you imagines that I have grabbed your child, yet you have more right on him than me. She says he remains with me in another house, yet his heart is here. She says we are remaining away since 2 years, however he recollects that you consistently.

She says Ranbir consistently recalls your food, Papa’s scoldings and so on She says if your aggravation is more than Ranbir’s aggravation is additionally not less. She says he is carrying on with two lives, with you in past and with me in present. She says we can improve the future and requests that she become the explanation and pardon Ranbir and Sid.

Pallavi says this can’t occur, regardless of whether you talk sweet and show yourself as honest and great qualities young lady, however your picture can’t change infront of me.Abhi beats Gautam. Pragya requests that he leave him. Abhi says this fellow and this spot isn’t right. Pragya says it is my life and I will meet whoever I need, asks who is he to stop her. She says it is not your concern.