Kum kum Bhagya 26 April 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Tanu revealing to Pragya that the way is brutal, however she didn’t leave any choice for her to get her affection. Pragya says you won’t get anything by doing this. Tanu says you didn’t comprehend it as of recently, you will comprehend in court. Pragya asks what you will do in court. Tanu says she will destroy her. She says Abhi will be rebuffed in individuals’ sight, yet you will be rebuffed in my sight, for halting my marriage and doing grah pravesh in his home. Pragya says for what reason are you hauling my significant other in this matter. Tanu says she needs to show him a thing or two and tells that she esteems and regards her adoration. She says similarly as he showed me out of his life, I showed him out of his home and your life. She says I will do awful with every individual who did terrible with me, this is the new Tanu

what’s more, she will dole out the retributions with everybody. Attorney requests that they open the entryway. Pragya says your carelessness will commit you do an error and your misstep will make you rout. Tanu requests that she search a decent attorney. The attorney figures out how to get the entryway open and says this thing won’t be engage in his office. Pragya goes out, while Tanu smiles. Pragya calls attorneys, however no one is prepared to take up the case. A legal advisor says she needs to battle the argument against the ra… ..Pragya makes a bombed endeavor to persuade the attorneys. She thinks Alia said that she has some great attorneys’ number and expectations she track down any great legal advisor. Tanu takes a gander at her, as she sits in auto and leaves. She thinks life had slapped her multiple occasions, however today she is mitigated slapping Pragya without contacting her, and thinks what a consolation. She meets a fellow and embraces him. Ranbir takes a gander at her and thinks who right? He thinks to follow her to think about the person.


Pallavi asks Aaliya what is she saying? Aaliya says all attorneys are saying that this case can’t hold for over a day and the appointed authority will tell the decision in a day. Rhea says how might legal advisors say this? Mitali says no legal counselor needs to face the challenge seeing Tanu’s video to acquire compassion. Pallavi says there should be some attorney, who believes Abhi and will battle for equity. Mitali says where will we discover the legal advisor. Pragya comes there and hears her. Aaliya says she trusts Pragya discovers a legal advisor. Rhea says mother has guaranteed me that she will get a legal counselor. She inquires as to whether she recruited the legal advisor. Pragya says we will win this case. Mitali inquires as to whether the attorney is acceptable. Rhea gets cheerful. Aaliya asks did you truly discover the attorney. Pragya says indeed, I discovered the attorney. Rhea says thanks to Pragya with an embrace. Pallavi discloses to Pragya that she is the best spouse of the world. Dadi says yes. Aaliya expresses gratitude toward Pragya and says I thought you wrong. Rhea discloses to Aaliya that Mom has satisfied her guarantee. Pragya pardons herself and reviews legal counselors declining to battle the case. She thinks Tanu needs to show that she is vulnerable and casualty, and reviews her words.


She figures she can’t allow Abhi to go to court without attorney and thinks she needs to recruit such a legal counselor, who sees their reality and shows Tanu’s fact to the world. Pragya calls Mr. Singhania, attorney and comes clean with him that Tanu has admitted to her and requests that he recommend a decent legal counselor for her significant other. Mr. Singhania says he won’t demolish his name and advises that Tanu deceived her and tells that he realizes that her significant other is liable and asks her not to call him for this case. She closes the call and leaves from home in a rush. Prachi comes to meet Tanu and expectations she isn’t doing any error by deduction to converse with her. She rings the chime and inquires as to whether anybody is at home. She says I am Prachi. She thinks to peer inside through the window.

Sarita behen opens the entryway and discovers Pragya. Pragya tells that she needs her assistance. Sarita behen says my assistance. Pragya says legal counselors are declining to take up this case and don’t have any desire to destroy their vocation. She says even Aaliya can’t employ any legal counselor and advises that she went to her for help. Sarita behen says I am cook and not a legal counselor. Pragya says you may realize some legal advisor being a caterer. Prachi peers inside through the window and discovers no one there. Tanu returns home and discovers the entryway open. She calls Security. Prachi shrouds seeing her. Tanu requests that the person open the lock. Prachi thinks the person is appearing as though a Police official. Tanu reproves the Security watch and heads inside. Prachi gets Shahana’s call. Ranbir comes there and gets inside. Guardian stops him. Ranbir says he is a woodworker. Guard says you don’t resemble a craftsman with your looks and garments. Ranbir says he is an entertainer by calling and accomplishes this work low maintenance. The gatekeeper says he will call other person who deals with the house. Ranbir redirects his brain and tells that Tanu Madam disclosed to me that the watchman don’t take care of job appropriately. Guard requests that he go.


Sarita behen reveals to Pragya that she knows an attorney, yet an old legal advisor, who telecommutes. Pragya inquires as to whether he battled any case. Sarita behen says he had battled a case and won it. I don’t think about him after that. Pragya requests that she give his name and address.

Sarita behen says I simply know him and that is the reason told. Pragya says we need to face the challenge, else we can’t win. Pragya says the legal advisor probably won’t be acceptable or not, however our case is honest. She asks what is the attorney’s name. Sarita behen says Raghuvir Mishra and searches for her telephone to get his number. Pragya thinks a suffocating individual got the help of a stone. Read more…….


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