In the Kumkum Bhagya March 25 scene, Prachi prevents Shahana from advising reality to Pragya as Abhi’s condition is now upsetting her mom. At home, Tanu spruces up a goddess to intrigue Abhi. She goes to his room and attempts to develop a sweet discussion with him. She likewise makes him review the occasions they spent together. In a great unforeseen development, Abhi takes the paints and starts shading all over. He tells everybody that she’s a feline and that she presently looks wonderful with the stubbles and the fixed hair.

A vexed Tanu leaves his room and illuminates Mitali and Aliya that she won’t ever put forth an attempt to converse with Abhi. The couple laughs uncontrollably in the wake of seeing her state, leaving Tanu enraged. A fashioner named Mandira goes to the Mehra house and Tanu takes her assistance to get spruced up as Gayatri. Her endeavors go to vain after Abhi feels awkward around her. Abhi is glad as Pragya gets him his number one chocolate. She takes care of him and furthermore tunes in to every one of the narratives he describes to her. Read more…….