Kumkum Bhagya:- Next we will see that Ranbir and his family come back home because Yar’s marriage has been canceled. Similarly, Riya thinks of sending it from Ranbir. Aaliya remembers her present meeting and asks her to talk. Just says its ok

Biji says that she is happy, she returns the jewelry to Pallavi. He says that Prachi is a hero who has to save Ranbir. Pallavi takes Ranbir and Aryan with her. BG says that Ranbir should get a wife like Prachi. Vikram asks Ranbir’s opinion.

This side will see what questions it asks and says that it does not think about behavior before doing so. Shahana says that we feel that Ranveer will be married to Prachi. Similarly, Pragya says how many times she has said sorry because her Prachi has not got any idea except to become bride of Ajmer. Riya and her family apologize to them. Similarly, Shahana goes away with Prachi. Put this aside, she asks him how you did all this. I say that Prachi did it for her love because Prachi loves Ranveer very much.

Similarly Riya cries and says that she is praising such investment charges and Prachi has to be chosen for those heroes. Similarly, you will see that Aria plays a game with Gulab and eventually becomes a hero in Bankheri.

You will see that Aya Na says to Ranveer that Pranchi will be only yours. Similarly, underwear says that I cannot do this until Prachi accepts me. Riya starts crying. ILO gives beer Amir says I cannot drink it because Prachi does not like or Ion asks him to drink. Come to him

Prachi is about to sleep, that Ranveer sneaks through the window. Prachi tells her what are you doing. Ranveer tells her about tomorrow’s plan. Prachi scolds him and says that he could inform on the call then why he came here. I say that these things are not done on the phone and I am going to ask for something from you tomorrow. Ranveer tells them what you feel about me. Both are lost in each other.

Next you will see that Sarita asks that you feel that I am wrong in hurrying Prachi? He says that he did everything to save Ranbir and his life, it can only happen in love. What does Amit say on Pragya is that love can happen but it is not right for the situation of marriage.

Pragya says that she lodged a complaint on Ranchi when 200,000 were missing, she is very good but for her son’s marriage she needs her acid girl. Similarly, she says that the ancient name is associated with her father and she would be happy to call Ranchi.

Next, you will see that exports take drugs and call Alia and say that no one loves her. Aaliya goes to her and asks her why are you drunk. Riya says that I have drunk alcohol so that I keep my pain near. Aaliya says do you even know what will happen if someone sees you.
This is how it ends.