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The next episode begins with Pragya. While Sarita calls Pandit to find a good time for Shagun. Pandit says that today is very bad for your daughter, that’s why it would be better for you not to talk about Shagun’s words. Similarly, Sarita tells Pragya that you call Ranveer that she is with him. Will come to their house tomorrow.

Similarly, the principal calls Veer and informs him that tomorrow we will all come there with him and Pandit says that today is not a good time for Ranchi, so today we cannot come to your house with an omen. Ranbir tells him on the phone that this is true in the same way, even before he takes the phone from Ajmer and asks Prachi and his family to stay away. Pragya starts telling Sarita that Ranbir’s charge has not come today.

Next you will see that Sarita and Pragya arrive at the house and Pragya calls Prachi so that she can show Shagun to her. Pragya sees and the door of Prachi’s room closes and Sarita gets fed up and Pragya tells someone to open the door and is happy inside and on seeing Prachi there she gets shocked and starts to question what happened to you is. Prachi starts shedding tears and tells them in tears that Riya has tried to commit suicide. Pragya tells him that nothing will happen to Riya now she is fine.

Ranchi says that he has tried to commit suicide because of me because I have come between him and him. Mehra tells Pragya why you feel that you are guilty. Pragya says that Sir had just come here and has told me all the things and says that I am away from Praveen and Prachi. And they have said that I wanted a daughter like you before but now I have no need for a daughter like you but now I feel ashamed to call you a daughter. And they have told me to stay away from everyone. Pragya is shocked to hear this and hugs Prachi.

Next you will see that Aaliya gets a call in which she hears that the pharmacy company is in trouble and they come to know that fake medicines are being made by our company so that they can question for our company. Next you will see that Alia tells Vikram and his family about this and says that the company will have to go and they have asked for more company. Mithali says how can Abhi come and leave Hari.

Alia says that we need them very much, we will have to stop these medicines, similarly she says that I will reach with the papers on the way and I will tell you now on the way. Mithali and everyone go to the house. Similarly, grandmother stays in the hospital. DG says that she is going to meet Riya.

She reaches out to meet Bijuria and scolds him for committing suicide without her father’s thinking and she tells Riya that you promise that you will never take such a step again. Or say why are you harassing me like Ranveer and apologize for hurting you. Biji says that if you Ranchi killed me then I am so patient that he did this to me.

BG tells BG Riya that Prachi is not bad like your thinking. BG says that Prachi is not bad. Ji says that not everyone is wrong in everything, that’s why Ranchi is not wrong.

Pragya says that she can accuse my daughter without such information. Sarita says that she might have instigated her father. Pragya angrily breaks the woman and gets a call and she does not attend the call. Prachi tries to stop them but Pragya says that I am your father and mother. That is why I did not tell anyone and they should know how to talk to a daughter like you. Prachi stops them by saying that please don’t do anything now Abhi is under stress. Pragya says why are you taking her side, she is not your father and I did not complain against her daughter.

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Next you will see that even the moment also tells Vikram and Naveen to stay away from Prachi and all his family. Ranveer’s song that you are not understanding this thing, I love Ranchi very much and want to spend my life with her. Say goodbye to me, can you see what the elder has done with Ranbir’s life and Riya’s condition has worsened due to him. BJP is there and says that Ranbir and Prachi love each other very much. Ranveer says that he wants to follow the check and forget it. What kind of love is this Alvi says why Prachi is talking to her in this way and why is trying to separate her from our daughter. Similarly, Ranbir says don’t blame the applicant, she can’t do this and why are you taking Prachi’s name every time. Pallavi’s BP increases and I feel dizzy. Biji and Ranbir take Pallavi home. Ranveer gets caught up in thinking how can I convince the mother-in-law of the applicant that her parents are against her lesson.

Next you will see that Pragya calls the taxi and Aaliya gives it on the way and upon seeing her goes to the square. Tai starts wondering who calls red light these days. Brother says that she went to the farm company and asked him who she was. Pragya is angry and she bites the call. Mithali starts asking who is on the phone. Tai says that the voice is like Pragya, Shahid will be Pragya. Mithali is shocked that a similar exemption ends.