Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Ranbir leaving home for work while Akshay grins.

Akshay then tells Abhay that he has sent goons to kill and end Ranbir’s today’s chapter.

Meanwhile, Ranbir’s car is stopped by a big thug who punches him hard in the stomach, causing Ranbir to squint in pain.

Meanwhile, Prachi suddenly gets upset as she feels that Ranbir is in danger.

After some time, Ashok sits alone in his room and thinks whether his decision of not sending Akshay and Mihika to a mental hospital was wrong or right.

He went outside to get some fresh air and suddenly heard Akshay talking to a tall, strong man.

The miscreants demand ransom from Akshay once the act of killing Ranbir is completed. Later, Ashok stands stunned as he hears the details of the job his son hired the hitman to do.

Will Ashok himself reveal Akshay’s psychotic nature to Prachi?

Is Ranbir really dead?

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