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The episode starts with Prachi and Abhi who goes to her where it is now. Asks Prachi, what are you doing here sir? Abhi says angrily that all this has happened as per your wish, now you call your mother-in-law. Prachi says she is no longer at home with me. Abhi says that I cannot believe this suit of yours and calls the request. Prachi says that whose liver he is doing. Right now I am talking about your mother-in-law, Prachi. Prachi says that my mother-in-law’s name is not Anuradha ..

Sarita gets the auto maintained. Pragya asks why she has stopped the auto. Fear says that there is something here. She gets down from both the autos. Pragya asks if she likes these omen things. Sarita starts saying that Prachi will make a video call to Ranveer and to know whether he likes her or not. If he does not do the injection, then he will be able to have an accident. Pragya smiles upon hearing this.

She says let’s take tea and says that we can reach home in 5 minutes, so why stop for tea. Sarita says that he has given money to open Chandu’s tea stall, so he will not take money from us. Chandu reaches tea to both of them. Pragya remembers her past moments with her now. She asks Sarita what are you thinking. Pragya says that this is an important stage in Prachi’s life and we don’t think we should inform Prachi about her father. Sarita agrees and asks him to call her. Pragya tries hard to call him.

On the other hand Abhi is going from Ranchi that your mother-in-law’s name is fake, how many lies you have told us. Prachi tells Abhi that we have not told any lie. Abhi asks Prachi to call her mother-in-law. Prachi is made to call her mother-in-law and says that I will call my mother-in-law. But I will also tell them about Riya’s wedding. Abhi says that I thought you are very good but I had a misunderstanding. Prachi asks her what I have done. He says that you have done a lot wrong with us, you have used us in your zeal and have cheated on every point. Prachi stops her to speak such words because she cannot hear such wrong words. Just says that I have realized that you are false. Prachi cries a lot. Abhi refuses to see her, Ranchi says that she has not made any mistake. Abhi says that because of you my daughter tried not to end her life.

Sarita asks us what has happened. Vidya says that the phone does not work. Sarita says that I feel that she has blocked us because she does not want to talk to us. Pragya says that she is not such a person. Sarita says that she does not want to meet Ranchi and AAP because she has never tried to meet him. Pragya says that she never told where she lives. Sarita says that she never tried to find you. Because I can not do what is against her, Sarita says to talk about this engagement. In the same way, she punishes to meet Pandit. Pragya says that we go home first because we are too late. Similarly, she leaves for both the houses.

Second and branch Iran remains when I tried to hurt Riya. Now it is said that you also know that Riya is in the hospital, yet you did not come to meet Riya because you are waiting for Riya’s death. Prachi says that I was going to come. Tells Prachi that you don’t blame me like this.

Abhi says that he did not even call them to know about Riyadh’s condition. Prachi sorry for your head. Abhi says what is Sauri asking for, I saved you and your father every time you did. I consider me your daughter but you tried to ruin my daughter’s life. I used to think that I want a daughter like you but Riya thinks Was that you love Prachi more, but now I have no wish that my daughter should be like you. Prachi cries a lot. Still starts crying and Prachi says please don’t cry, I can’t see your tears right now says to her, stop your drama, I have come to know what your truth is and not from Veer snatching Riya. For revenge. Hearing this, Kranti goes to Chowk.

Today you will see that Ranveer is thinking about Prachi and I think that Prachi cannot do anything like this. Similarly Aya goes to meet Narveer and tells him sorry for coming late Ajmer told me that I think It was said that my life is going to start with Prachi but my whole family has started hating Prachi and all the family members are blaming Prachi. Oil is shocked to hear this and asks what has Prachi done.

Next you see that the branch says that I can understand. Abhi says that you cannot understand me because you do not have a father and I would be ashamed to have such a daughter. I am ashamed of having a daughter like you. Prachi says do not talk to me in this way. How can I embarrass my parents? He says that you change your parents.

Next you will see that Ranveer watches the video shown by Alia telling you and Maya as friends and you make Maya to get close to her to file a case on Ranbir and make her Riya and you almost to succeed. , Says that till now I am a fan of your mother, her upbringing is good, but now I am completely wrong and I have broken the relationship with Prachi. Ranbir says that the call is not picking up. Ryan tells her about sending the message and starts asking if Prachi Ma knows about these things. Abhi warns Prachi to stay away from Riya and Ranbir and he leaves. Prachi breaks down.