The Episode begins with Aaliya revealing to Abhi that Pragya is with them, and advises that she would prefer not to do botch once more, which she did by bringing Tanu home. She says she is with Pragya and will show a thing or two to Tanu. She goes. Rhea cries seeing Abhi. Abhi says I love you. Rhea says you are world’s best father, yet is in the most exceedingly terrible spot. He vows to come out. Rhea says guarantee. Abhi jokes that whoever cries is bolted inside. Rhea says she will readily come inside. Ranbir follows Tanu and tracks down her lost, figures she should be close. He drives off. Abhi asks Rhea not to cry. Rhea requests that he come out quick. Abhi says I will come out quick. Prachi comes there. Abhi says you both came to meet me, I am feeling better. Rhea says you didn’t reveal to me this, when I came here and asked me for what reason I came. Prachi calls him Papa and says it is extreme for them to see him here, yet when he grins, their mental fortitude develops a lot and they need him to come out free very soon. She says when everybody thinks a similar then it works out. She says you will get back soon. Abhi says you probably heard so a lot and says I need to advise you. Prachi and Rhea tell that they realize that he is blameless. Prachi says we as a whole are with you. Rhea says I chastened that aunt. Abhi inquires as to for what reason did you meet her, she is certainly not a decent lady. Prachi says Rhea did right. Abhi says even you had gone there. Rhea tells that Prachi went there before her, and Tanu pushed her, yet she saved her. Abhi advises that he is glad to be here, seeing them supporting each other as sisters and remaining by one another. Constable says time is up. Abhi says Dadi says that whoever is far, draws near in awful occasions. Prachi requests that he fare thee well. Abhi says he will. Rhea says bye. They leave together. Rhea and Prachi consider conversing with Abhi. A woman constable crashes into Prachi. Prachi expresses gratitude toward Rhea for supporting her. Rhea tells that she told this infront of Dad, to cause him to feel better. She says she is certifiably not a decent sister and won’t drop her. Prachi gets vexed and afterward thinks she is her sister, be that as it may, she is.Pragya comes to meet the Lawyer and presents herself. Attorney says I know you, I saw you in the news, Harshad was detailing. Pragya requests that he see the records. The legal advisor asks her opinion about him. Pragya says you are a costly legal advisor and I am prepared to pay you. The Lawyer requests that she sit and tells that he is costly as he battles for equity. He tells that he is battling the situation. Pragya says thanks to him. Legal counselor says you are misconception me and tells that he is battling against Abhi, and tells that he saw honesty in Tanu. He requests that she enlist a decent legal advisor, who can overcome him and says it is difficult to crush reality. He says whatever case, he battles, he battles as though it is his family’s case. Pragya says my significant other is guiltless. He calls her better half attacker. Pragya says how might you call him attacker, when he isn’t demonstrated blameworthy. He says denounce and tells that he will demonstrate him blameworthy in court. She says you can’t demonstrate as my significant other is guiltless. She tells that reality gets upset, yet can’t lose. She says you will lose this case interestingly. Attorney says I confide in Tanu. Pragya says she is lying. Tanu comes there and inquires as to whether they are discussing her.Prachi turns off the channel seeing Tanu’s meeting. Shahana tells that nothing will occur in the event that they switch it off, however they will confront it. Sarita behen says we have turned off the TV, yet not individuals. Shahana says individuals’ assessment matters in such manner. Prachi says she doesn’t have confidence as people would like to think. Sarita behen says individuals will trust Tanu and her falsehoods and says assuming she comes clean, individuals will feel that Abhi made her untruth. She advises that they need to cause Tanu to admit reality at any rate. Shahana says on the off chance that they get her to talk reality some way or another. Prachi goes out.

Tanu discloses to Pragya that she comprehends that she isn’t getting a decent legal advisor and tells that she has her eyes on her, and recruited Mr. Singhania, a legal advisor before she moves toward her. She requests that he propose some open investigator for her.


The legal counselor requests that Tanu go out. Tanu asks Pragya how could she feel to realize that Abhi went through the night with her. Pragya inquires as to whether she understands what she is saying and says no one but you can do this, you can give somebody’s child names to somebody and so on The legal advisor calls his Assistant and goes out. Tanu locks the entryway. The legal advisor requests that she open the entryway. Tanu tells that Abhi didn’t assault her and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is stun? She tells that Abhi is honest. Pragya says I am stunned reasoning for what reason are you advising me. Tanu says she is saying this to inconvenience her. She inquires as to whether she will go out and tell everybody that she admitted.


Legal counselor calls gatekeeper to open the entryway. He says nothing can be heard as it is soundproof. Tanu says no legal advisor will battle this case. Pragya says a few attorneys will battle, who will battle for equity. She says she will celebrate after Abhi confesses all. Tanu says when Abhi gets imprisoned, at that point you will be left with no family and individuals will tell that it is acceptable that their better half isn’t Abhishek Mehra.



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