Today’s episode begins with Sahana. Jogi does not ask Prachi to pick up the phone. Prachi says who is on the phone. She says that Pragya has a call and I do not want to spoil her mood by telling her the truth. Prachi says that she cannot ignore his call .. She receives Pragya’s phone and starts talking with him. Pragya starts asking him if Prachi is there too on Ranveer’s side or not Prachi answers yes and Pragya becomes happy.

Next you will see that in the hospital, Arya prays to God that Riya should get well soon. She had an idea that she would definitely do such an act. Decides to live with Rahria. Doctors say that Riya has now come out of danger and she is unconscious just because of the fire. Abhi asks the doctor to meet the provincial. The doctor says you can’t meet him right now.

Bulgaria starts crying for Bulgaria. Ranveer asks them why Palli accuses Prachi of coming between Riya and Amir. Ranveer defends Prachi. Ranveer and Pallavi start arguing with each other. Pallavi asks Ranveer if he never loved Riya. Ranbir says that he is my only childhood friend, I do not love him. Balveer starts telling the New Year that everyone considers Riya as the daughter-in-law of her house, so she can no longer retreat. Who does not listen to Ranveer Balveer But still the moment takes Ranveer with her.

Abhi starts remembering how Alia accused Riya for her condition and prevented her from meeting him. He asks Aaliya to leave her path. Riya tells the doctor that I want to meet now. Riya apologizes when Abhi comes to meet her. She says that Prachi has come between us and Ranbir but I cannot live without Ranveer. Hari faints again. Aaliya gives Abhi an airphone and asks to choose one between Riya and Prachi. Abhi remembers Prachi for moments with him

On the other side, Mithali tells Aaliya to take care of her. She says that I am very worried about Riya. They all accuse Abhi for Riya’s condition. Alia says that she has done it right because Riya cannot take care of Riya right now because Prachi loves Prachi so much.

Similarly, the doctor comes there and asks everyone to meet Riya one by one. Everyone meets Riya one by one. Alia starts asking Riya why she has attempted suicide. Ranveer sees Riya from outside. Alia encourages Riya and asks her to marry and Prachi for Ranveer. Hariya asks him to wait when he will get the love of Veer and now.