Kumkum Bhagya 22 April 2021 Written Update

She dislike this, assuming you don’t awaken, I will plunge your finger in espresso. Abhi says he can’t remain here without her and requests that she free him out soon. Pragya says she will proceed to have a gathering with the attorney. Abhi says I miss you. Pragya says I miss you as well. She goes to the Lawyer’s home and gets some information about the attorney.

Legal advisor comes there and requests that Servant bring the document. Pragya tells that she came for her significant other’s case. Legal counselor says he got her record just, and got information about them. He requests that she brief him.Tanu goes to the Media and applies make up to make dark circles and to make her face dull. The person says she is looking awful. Tanu says she will make somebody terrible. She goes to the correspondents who say thanks to her for giving selective meeting.


The journalist tells that an extraordinary visitor is here to discuss the lady strengthening. Everybody watches the meeting live. Ranbir and Pallavi looks on. The journalist says you have acquired name and popularity in your field and asks how is she feeling after whatever occurred with her. Tanu says she don’t need this to occur with her adversary and won’t ever pardon Abhishek Mehra, she felt as though her spirit… She tells journalist in the event that he perceived how Pragya got rough and called her liar. She tells that she was unable to rest and got dark circles. She tells that not even Abhishek Mehra, however his whole family is alarming her.


She advises that Aaliya is compressing her to reclaim the case. She explains to that they are asking her for what valid reason did she documented the protest. Columnist asks her not to get terrified and asks did you imply that Aaliya and Pragya are upsetting you? Tanu says I mean all the family and tells that Prachi undermined her that assuming I don’t reclaim the case, her mom won’t leave her. Ranbir says she is lying, Prachi can’t do this. Tanu says Pragya made her other girl Rhea against me as well. She tells that she will battle so that not at all like this occur with any young lady and needs to change the general public mentality so no such Mehras can demolish any young lady’s life. Ranbir discloses to Pallavi that Rhea can undermine her, yet Prachi more likely than not mentioned her. Pallavi requests that he unwind. Ranbir tells that he will get her untruths and will get criminal from casualty. The meeting closes. The woman columnist discloses to Tanu that she shouldn’t have taken Abhi’s little girl names.The legal advisor enlightens that his better half knows regarding Abhishek mehra and the case. He tells that he didn’t realize that she is Abhi’s better half, however the journalist made him beast from rockstar. Tanu takes a gander at the news and thinks very much done Tanu. Ranbir comes there and figures individuals will detest her when they come to realize that she is playing casualty card, and he will be close to her until he uncover her.

Aaliya comes to meet Abhi and faults herself for bringing Tanu home. Abhi requests that she quit accusing herself. Aaliya inquires as to why you are such Bhai? Abhi says Pragya made him pardoning individuals and asks her not to believe that he is here because of Pragya.


Aaliya says she met Tanu and she said that assuming you hadn’t brought Pragya home, this thing wouldn’t occur. Abhi says I don’t live for Tanu, I live for Pragya and inquires as to whether she has fouled up with Pragya, however the last didn’t reveal to me anything. Aaliya tossed her out. Abhi asks did you ask her to go and requests what reason is she not disclosing to him anything. Rhea comes there. Abhi inquires as to for what reason did you come here, this spot isn’t for you. Rhea says you will before long be out and Mom said that you will be liberated soon, we as a whole are together to help her.


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