Episode The episode begins with Alia. Which Riya considers it important to know that she has lost Ranveer for Prachi. The nurse asks him to come along so that he can apply medicine on her burnt hands. He tells Narsi that he is perfectly fine and he asks about Riya’s condition. Dadi tells Abhi to go with the nurse.

On the other side you will see that Prachi and Ranveer fall bubbles above. Prachi is happy to see Bulbul. I play with them happily. Ranveer asks Prachi that do you know why girls make a ring wearing their gf for this ring finger? And it is associated with the heart. Whenever I wear this ring, I feel that my God has reached my heart, Ranveer says that he never broke his trust and he does not respond to him to wear the ring. Says but Pallavi’s call comes and the ring falls down. Karanvir first attends her call and is shocked to hear about Riya’s suicide. Tomorrow also asks her to come there immediately.

Ranveer says Ranveer says that I come there now. Prachi takes the ring and asks her what has happened. Ranveer tells him about this act of Hariya. Prachi wants to go to the hospital with her but the underwear refuses to accompany her to the hospital. Prachi keeps that ring in his hand and Ranvir tells him to take care.

Vikram gives encouragement to Vikram Palvi that everything will be alright. Pallavi says that we know everything that is going on in Riya’s life, but I never thought that she would try to harm herself and put her life in trouble, I am aware of this I know that Aria and Ranbir love each other but I don’t tell anyone and if I didn’t get a chance to open these than Prachi.

Kumkum bhagya 22 October 2020 Written Updates

Biji Biji says that we all know that Prachi is good-hearted, she has helped many times, we have shinded on her many times but every time we are wrong. And she says how can we trust the video. Pallavi says that the video has been recorded by the police and hence it cannot be fake. Biji says how many times Prachi has helped us, so how can she be wrong. Alvi says that if Prachi used to sit in the mandak without asking us, then the explanation was good. Biji starts saying something but the moment also stops her that Prachi wants to marry Ranveer to get revenge from Riya and if Maya doesn’t come to Mandak then I can marry Prachi and he can take revenge from Riya. Hai, Ranbir also comes to the hospital and he asks that Prachi and Maya are friends and this is their plan why Maya stopped our marriage. Haldi says that perhaps she was doing it for money because these people can do anything for money and you have seen in the video that Prachi is a criminal.

Ranbir feeds and says that Maya is a thief. Similarly, Vikram gets angry at Ranveer after hearing this and asks him that he cannot talk this way with his mother-in-law at this time. Ranveer calls him sorry and says that I cannot hear the exemption against Prachi. Palati comes this morning and says that Prachi is separating them both, first she separated Ranveer from Korea and now she is separating my son from me. Ranveer asks her when Prachi separated. Pallavi tells Karmaveer that Riya committed suicide because of you and Prachi. Feeds from BJP.

The other treats Riya and Abhi from the other side and reminds Riya of her past moments. Abhi asks the nurse about her condition, the nurse says she is fine now. He wakes up and says that he is fine so why can’t I meet him. Grandma tells him that you can not meet Riya now. Alia says why are you angry with the nurse for Pranchi. Tai starts asking Aaliya who she hides the most truth. Abhi hugs Grandma.

Prachi, on the other hand, gets upset thinking that why Aria has tried to commit suicide. Sahana tells Prachi that you don’t need to think anything about her, she says it will also be part of some of her plans. Prachi says that she cannot put her life in danger. Sahana tells Prachi that she always spoils her elders with Ranveer. Prachi tells her that Riya is probably stuck in some problem. Sahana tells Riya that everything was in Riya’s life, so you stop worrying about her and she leaves from there. Similarly, Prachi prays before God that please give Riya whatever she wants.

On the other hand, Ranveer also asks Pal what she is doing. Tanveer tells investment that you will not meet Ranchi, now our relationship has been 20 months. Next you will see that Sarta will say that let’s play sugar free biscuits. Pragya tells him that he does not have diabetes, so there is no need for sugar free biscuits. Prachi says that his family is right. Sarita says that it looks like she loves him for a long time. Pragya says why Mapp is doing everything without taking a reply from Ranchi and she thinks of calling Prachi to go about her feelings. BG says that Pallavi is in the hospital. The same