Kumkum Bhagya 21th August 2020 Written Update Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21th August 2020 Written Update Full Episode:- In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya you have seen that Ranbir’s mother when Pallavi apologizes to Prachi for her trouble, similarly you saw in the last episode that Ranveer tries to make Prachi happy and she hugs him. Takes

In the same way, when Ranveer and Prachi are together, Riya is very jealous after seeing both of them and she runs to her room and Alia tries to cheer her up. Riya would agree to Alia. Is and feels good to be with Prachi’s mother.

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Similarly, you have seen that Aaliya tries a lot to convince Riya that the future is made for her, it just comes between these two and tells Riya to smile Riya. Similarly, Aaliya takes a decision from Sanju and tells Is that the man I hired is not caught yet and goes underground for a few days, it is like this that his phone has gone missing and he comes to know that Prachi’s phone Has been replaced with

Kumkum Bhagya 21th August 2020 Written Update today Full Episode


In the same way, Abhi supports her and takes her to Prachi’s house. You have seen that at Prachi’s house, Sarita asks her to make tea. Similarly Pragya rushes to pick up the clothes she had left to pay, seeing Prachi and Pragya together then she gets a shock to Aaliya. is. Similarly, she goes wrong, takes the heart in such a car and asks her to drive to the doctor if she is unwell. Similarly, everything was shown to you in the previous episode.

Show you in tomorrow’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya. You will see that he makes fun of Alia and gets upset later. After this Aaliya goes to her room. Looking at Priya’s photo and starts remembering her words, Alia says that she keeps Abhi away from Pragya and says that she will not be able to take Riya away from her mother. She decides to reveal to Riya that Pragya is her mother. Riya breaks down and starts telling Alia that she is very unlucky in love as Abhi too does not love her. Alia promises not to let Ranbir separate from her. Alia and Riya learn that Ranbir has not caught the robber. On the other side, the patient will say that he has taken money in the office for this, this is how Alia looks at the photo and Veer looks at how that photo must be driving me to Neil, similarly she promises to make Pragya’s life hell. is.
Similarly everything will be shown to you in last night’s episode.


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