Today’s episode starts with Abhi and her family while Aria has locked herself in the room. Abhi says that whenever Riya is always angry then it will happen, she does the same. Tai says that this time it is doing it differently. Abhi Pune says that he went to Vikram’s house to discuss about Hariya’s alliance.

Abhi asks everyone what has happened to Riya. Dadi tells Abhi to go to Riya and find out what has happened to her. Alia also asks Abhi to talk to Riya but before that the bar hurts herself. He goes to Riya’s room.

Prachi says that there is no way to propose this girl, so tell me what you want to do, that’s why a feeling is happening right now. Prachi tells him to rest and starts asking him from whom he is getting the news. Dharamveer tells Prachi that he never feels like this. Prachi offers him up and asks if he will come to propose him after informing his parents what will happen if something happens to them. In the same way, Ranveer says that next time I will inform everyone, Prachi says that it is fine. I trust you very much They get lost in each other and Sahana is happy to see them.

Next you will see that Aria brings the petrol and threatens to kill herself and she says that I do not love anyone. Abhi beats the door and tells Riya to open the door. Aaliya meets her and I tell Aaliya that nobody loves me. Abhi goes from behind, she looks at Aria through the glass door and I see that she is pouring petrol on her.

Abhi tells her to come to speak that I love her. He runs towards the door and breaks the door. Riya sets herself on fire. Similarly Riya shouts a lot and says that father is burning. The whole family gets shocked. Abhi saves her from burning Riya loses consciousness. They get worried after seeing the situation in Bahria.

Ranveer Ranveer says that I am not waiting to propose you. Sahana tells Ranveer that Prachi is very angry. Ranveer gets him smiling that Jai hai is too much when he offers Prachi to marry her with a bootie, Prachi says that it is expensive diamond ring, so I cannot accept it.

Parul and Vikram reach Abhi’s house. The scene gets shocked seeing them and Vikram starts going to pick up the car. But asks Lone how Aria got injured. Aaliya tells them that she has tried to commit suicide. But is shocked to hear this and all take Riya to the hospital.

Abhi folds his hands to the doctor and says please save Riya. The doctor goes to check on her. Abhi gets very worried after seeing this condition of Riya. Asking the question now, who has cheated Riya in this age, Alia says that she has cheated the ancient area and wanted to take revenge from Bahria. He has tried to snatch her love.

Abhi says that she was confident that he would trust her. Alia tells him that I know that you had faith in me, what would I tell you when this was a serious matter?

Prachi tries to get close to Ranveer, but they start fighting amongst themselves for something.

. Vikram reminisces about Ranbir’s previous fight with Prachi, saying that Alia is right that they used to fight. In comparison to Prachi, Alia says that her friend Maya uses her as her next plan. Prem reminisces about Vikram’s previous battle with Raj ji. From now on, Parulla says that the ancient and the new have tried to save Maya.

Alia says that the elder has just made Ranveer and Rhea live with Ranveer, Alia tells Abhi all the story of Prachi and Riya and Abhi is sad to hear everything. Aaliya starts wondering how she made fake videos giving money to Maya and her boyfriend.