The Episode begins with Dadi calling Raj and inquiring as to why he didn’t pick her call. She asks what’s going on here? Raj says Abhi isn’t wedding here and tells that he is wedding Pragya in sanctuary. Rhea hears him. Dadi says they were not separated and can wed ordinarily, it’s not possible for anyone to isolate them. Rhea hears him and thinks to educate Prachi so her arrangement sorts out with her. Raj asks would you say you are glad at this point? Dadi says exceptionally upbeat. Abhi inquires as to whether she needs to state anything. Pragya says I won’t allow your union with occur at any expense. Aaliya asks what is your concern, wouldn’t you be able to see us glad. You are separated from now and asks what do you need? She inquires as to whether the issue is about suhaag or conscience and asks would you be able to demonstrate that he is your significant other even at this point. She says I would have called Police, however didn’t call as

you was with him previously. Abhi asks did I request that you meddle Aaliya and says just Meera can meddle in their own issue. Pragya is stunned and reviews their commitment. She considers Abhi requesting that Meera wear the neckband. Abhi says you can’t destroy Meera’s life and asks her not to take strain, as he will see who stops their marriage. Meera requests that Pragya stop it and let them be, let them be glad. Pragya says even I can say this and tells that I didn’t realize that I am separated with you, I didn’t realize that it was not property papers, but rather legal documents which didn’t occur with my assent. Meera yells requesting that she leave them. Abhi requests that Pragya talk reasonably. Pragya says what to state, I didn’t give you separate with my assent. Abhi says you didn’t state what I needed to hear and that is the reason I will wed Meera in the sanctuary. She asks what would you like to hear and says in the event that I argue infront of you, at that point will you stop the marriage with Meera. Meera requests that Pandit ji accompany them and she leaves with Abhi. Pragya goes behind them. Purab requests that visitors leave.

Rhea calls Shaina. Shaina inquires as to for what reason are you not picking the call. Rhea says I didn’t have the telephone and tells that she has won. She tells that she needed her mother and father to wed again and says it is door for her, as she will wed Ranbir now. Shaina says today Jai is wedding Palak in the sanctuary and tells that even Ranbir was there. Rhea asks where is the sanctuary and tells that she will reach there. She intends to wed Ranbir in a similar sanctuary.

Ranbir discloses to Jai that it was significant. Shahana comes to Ranbir and says she is worn out on lying with Prachi. She contends with Jai and takes Aryan’s name. Jai inquires as to whether she is infatuated with Aryan. Shahana says no. Ranbir shows the wedding dress which Pallavi had purchased for his little girl in law. Jai requests that she offer it to Prachi. Ranbir says there is an approach to talk and says in the event that I give her, at that point she won’t can’t. Ranbir shows the dress and looks tragically. Abhi, Meera and Pandit sit in the vehicle and leave. Pragya runs behind the vehicle requesting that he stop. She thinks to converse with Dadi. Aaliya stops her and requests that she leave. She says let me head inside. Aaliya asks Bhai is at last proceeded onward and wedding Meera. Pragya says it is sufficient and tells that she won’t ever excuse her for taking her marks on the legal documents unconsciously and says I will be in fate all life. Aaliya says you are not in his life. Pragya says I will battle for him till my last inhale, as he is my expectation, mangalsutra, spouse. Aaliya considers security and pushes her out. She requests that Security lock the entryway. Pragya considers Abhi going to sanctuary and leaves. Aaliya undermines the security folks not to do botch. Pragya sits in the taxi, however doesn’t have a clue where to go. She returns to the Mehra Mansion and argues infront of guardians. The gatekeeper says you have the force of the spouse, pushed the door and get inside. They open the lock quietly. Pragya pushes the door and get inside, while they attempt to act and stop her infront of the cam.

Aryan calls Pandit ji and tells that he has discovered him. Shahana inquires as to why Pandit ji’s face is so miserable. Pandit ji asks whose marriage is to be finished. Ranbir and jai says mine. Ranbir says groom is me, the young lady will imagine that man of the hour will be Jai, however I will be the lucky man. Jai says the husband to be will be the person who sit in the mandap. Ranbir says the lady of the hour didn’t realize that she will get hitched. Pandit ji says how the marriage will occur without lady’s assent. Ranbir clarifies his arrangement. Shahana says she brought Prachi here. Ranbir says Prachi will know when she gets hitched to me and wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks how could I realize who is Prachi?

Ranbir says the young lady who will be in the marriage wear will be Prachi. Pandit ji says I have perceived and requests that Shahana make Prachi wear the wedding dress. Aryan, Ranbir and Jai crease their hands. Shahana concurs. Aryan expresses gratitude toward Pandit ji. Pandit ji inquires as to whether your wear father is coming here. Ranbir says his mother is more huge wear than him.

Aaliya reveals to Pallavi that her companion will get her privileges in any case and no unfairness will happen to her. She tells that no one will take Pragya’s name here, as she is unfavorable here. Pragya strolls inside and goes to the room. Aaliya, Pallavi and Vikram view at Pragya as she moves up to the steps. Aaliya attempts to go behind Pragya, yet her foot turn and she sits. Pragya comes to Purab and inquires as to whether she isn’t anything to him and requests that he tell where is Abhi? She gets some information about the sanctuary and says in the event that I don’t do anything then..Purab says Ramsita mandir. Pragya expresses gratitude toward him and says no one can stop me now.

Beeji requests that Raj call specialist. Aaliya advises that she needs to proceed to kick out Pragya from here. Vikram gets some information about Rhea’s mother that way. Aaliya requests that he stay out from their family matter. Pallavi says you don’t converse with my significant other like that. Pragya is leaving, when Aaliya stops her. Pragya tells that somebody is here who don’t need his union with occur. Aaliya goes to Purab and defies him for telling the family name. Purab tells that he understands what she has done and tells that she has agreed with everybody on her position, aside from Baljeet Dadi and I. He says I am certain that Abhi won’t fill Meera’s maang with sindoor. Aaliya says Bhai will wed doubtlessly. Purab says you have did nothing great and that is the reason no good thing will occur with you. He says I wish I wouldn’t have met you, else Pragya di and Abhi wouldn’t have isolated.

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