The episode begins with Aaliya who is shedding tears and breaking things in her room, saying that Pragya cannot snatch Riya from her. Mithali closes the door of Aaliya’s room and asks what happened to you, will Pragya come back home, because she will make us a servant if she comes and I have assured her that she will never go into this house . What does Aaliya leave her saying that she needs to think for some time now

Riya further tells Pragya that she had learned that she is not going to kill Prachi. She thought Pragya’s song that yes I am wrong and slapped her in anger Riya says that it is okay because You did not slap me in my childhood but now I have killed both of them Riya says that you love Prachi Pragya is a saint, she loves them both.

Riya further says that you take Pragya to the house so that she can send Prachi to her now. Grandma comes to them and says that they can live as one more time to experience the love of parents. Riya agrees to it. Pragya says that Prachi did not know this truth till now but she will be happy if she knows it. Dadi blesses them for this and goes to tell it for now. She goes.

Riya takes Pragya with her so that they can celebrate Diwali with her. Sahana starts offering Ranvir. Sarita starts asking her what has happened to you. Suhana says that Ranbir says he was very busy when I told him about tea. But he agreed for the second time when Prachi called him. Sarita says that she did not do well with me. Sahana starts telling him how Prachi had scolded him. Ranchi brings tea for everyone. Sarita takes Sahana along and goes away. Prachi goes away from Ranveer.

Mithali feels that Aaliya will be crying right now and Prachi seeing Aarti together and Dadi can unite Abhi with Pragya and on happy afternoon know that I hate Pragya a lot.

In any case Pragya can take vengeance from me and Raj bank balance is zero so I need to serve Pragya to make this house comfortable. Dadi finds Abhi and she asks what happened.

Dadi says that they have joined together. God definitely listens to me when Abhi says. Dadi says yes and she decides to visit them. Abhi starts telling visitors that Riya goes upstairs with a woman. Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room, and he says that I am upset for you, answer my question first.

Prachi said that this is an old feeling, yet after thinking about you it has changed and I have come to know that you are an acceptable heart and when we are traveling I feel that I am with my purpose Going when you are with Ranbir Prachi asks why Shahan agreed to come inside to welcome you. Ranbir asks why he needs to know.

Prachi says that she can finally rest in the event she knows. Ranbir changed his hair and said that I need you to order me and request me on the basis that my life is opposite with yours, so I will tune to different rituals. Prachi smiles and requests that her drink tea. Ranbir drinks it and says that he does not have sugar and he drinks it.

Prachi says that it is just Ranbir’s dessert that drinks it again and says that this ideal tea ND contacts her to set it for her. Riya and Pragya lie to Diya, Abhi seems to laugh and hugs them both and says that she is excited. Riya calls me too, yet for what reason did you not educate me about mother? Pragya says since then that she is pressuring him

It is designed to bring sparklers. Abhi says that you are afraid of fireworks. Pragya says that she can do anything for Riya’s happiness. Riya acts as Agni and Pragya gets frightened, Abhi protects her. Riya feels happy seeing them and thinks that Abhi is a defensive and caring man.

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