Following day Aliya addresses Abhi for what reason didn’t he carry Pragya with him and recommend him to keep Pragya alongside him. Abhi discloses to her how cheerful he is feeling while at the same time seeing his old sister.

Pragya meets them and tells about Tanu’s call and feels stressed saying consider the possibility that Tanu establishes their arrangement. Aliya says don’t get terrified, as per my insight Tanu may get frightened as a result of you, ordinarily she got crushed in your grasp so she needs to affront you to affirm her triumph and don’t get frightened in light of the fact that Tanu may be now frightened.

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Pragya says noone can educate us regarding Tanu as you do and she says thanks to Aliya. Aliya says anything for her sibling. Abhi says he will not allow Tanu to affront his significant other. Aliya requests that Pragya handle Abhi and leaves from room. Pragya says Tanu gets loose subsequent to offending me so don’t stop her for me. Abhi denies however Pragya argues him to concur. Prachi gets down on them.