Kumkum Bhagya 20 April 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

The Episode begins with Aaliya conversing with the legal advisor. Rhea comes there and asks how is it possible that you would do this. How could you allow his capture to occur? Aaliya requests that she unwind. Rhea says you would have considered the chief or utilized your contacts to stop his capture. Aaliya says Pragya attempted, however Police took him. Rhea says how did you respond? Aaliya says even I attempted. She tells that Police have solid confirmations against Bhai. Rhea asks what verifications? Aaliya says she don’t have a clue. Rhea reprimands her for calling Tanu home. Aaliya says she called her for sincere goals and don’t have the foggiest idea about this will occur. She says she will take legal counselor tomorrow first thing and vows to take her with her.

Rhea cries and embraces her.Tanu discloses to Rhea that their condition won’t change with Abhi’s capture. Rhea says the one who blamed my father for assault, can’t have any connection with me. Tanu says he assaulted me. Rhea says Dad didn’t assault you. It should be your misconception or falsehood. Tanu inquires as to for what reason will I lie? Rhea says you are the most noticeably terrible lady, I have at any point seen. Tanu turns her hand and advises that she anticipated that Prachi should say all that, yet didn’t anticipate that she should respond.


Prachi comes to Tanu and requests that she leave her hand, says my sister is in torment. Tanu asks how could you and lift her hand to slap Prachi. Rhea holds her hand and tells that she don’t believe that they are frail that they will lift hand on other. She says on the off chance that you are lifting hand on us, even we can lift hand on you. Tanu says isolated sisters joined together and calls Security. Prachi says she came to request that she reclaim the grumbling against Papa. Tanu says just Rhea is Abhi’s little girl.


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2 Replies to “Kumkum Bhagya 20 April 2021 Written Update”

  1. tanu why you coming police station I said many times we should not do that again you started tanu you know that abhi he gets upest because of you tanu understand that what I am saying for you..
    aliya what you said for pragya to get out form house say like that to pragya aliya shame on you.
    aliya you know that pragya she gets upest because of you aliya don’t do that please stop it now.
    inceperter this abhi he didn’t do anything for you inceperter please try to understand that what I am saying for you inceperter remove it.
    abhi he is not blame for you tanu if you do like this otherwise now see what I will do now keep it your mind okay.
    now please stop that.

  2. pranchi you don’t make upset for ranbir he is boss in the office so please don’t do that pranchi try to understand that pranchi you are very innocent so but like wise ranbir he is very innocent I don’t like tanu.

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