kumkum Bhagya 2 October 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with Payal who is calling Ranbir says to him that I have called Prachi’s mother whom she promises to tell me, that’s why I am calling her, so Pragya calls After the second, she asks him on the phone that what is happening is like this, Sarita hangs up the phone. Dharamvir says that he has caught the truck driver who wanted Prachi to get the accident.

Next Sarita asks him where is Ranveer now telling him that I have come to a friend’s house, because the driver is in a state of unconsciousness. Similarly Pragya asks him on the phone how Ranveer tells him that it happened Come visit me at this address, it will tell you why he wanted Prachi to get hurt, similarly Sarita wants him that I will send Pragya to this address so she disconnects the call. Similarly, Pragya asks him how can I leave Prachi in this condition. Sarita tells them that you have to find the person behind this accident. Pragya says that what has happened to the blood, Sarita tells them that they will plant their daughter right now, so that person should be found, hence tired tells her to update every update.

You will see that now you want to listen to what he said. Similarly, Alia Bane says that I did not mean it. Right now she tells her that our family is very worried for me Alia tells her that you cannot tell your daughter right now, she tells her that Prachi is like my daughter Alia tells her that this is not your real daughter.

Right now, he tells her that Prem ji has done a lot for us but I do not know about this, after hearing this, what will you say about my daughter Riya remembers this. Alia says that you cannot say Riya like this. He says that he has started thinking like Riya because of you, that’s why she is wishing for Prem ji’s death, that’s why Gaya Liya scolds Korea for not saying anything, she starts asking him what will come. That the Sanchi die.

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Next you will see that Riya goes to the hospital and starts thinking how to help Prachi, the root cause of my problem. It says that if I don’t do this then father does not even know Tai still injures grandma It feels bad for him right now, assures him that I will be fine. Grandma asks him why are you taking care of Ranchi, what is your relationship with him.

Right now, she tells grandmother that she is very special. If you meet her, she will win your heart. Grandma tells her that I want to meet her, now she says she wants to see him and says to Riya that Where is she, similarly Riya reaches the swan pool, now says that you go in immediately, the doctor is waiting for you there. (Episode end)

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