Next you will see that when Pragya is still with her and grabs her hand and asks her to walk carefully on the road and then says that if she does not move carefully she can be killed in an accident. Prachi asks her to come in. She says that she will make good tea for him then Prachi goes inside after that Pragya says that you have not got any tea.

That is why leave Riya from here and then just ask what is your problem, then Prachi asks her to come in. Now she says that I do not like it. Now why does Prachi address me by calling her Sir when she calls me Dad Pragya will go in. Pragya feels that I do not want my daughter to know the truth till all their problems are solved.

Then we see that this moment also asks him where did he go, he tells that Vikram and Dadi say that he went to the gurudwara to buy riots and Aaliya shows Aria coming home then Dadi says That if you stay at home and where you are now, then her pain will end, after that Ranbir tells her that maybe she is in the factory, after that Riya says that she does not want to stay in the hospital,

so she is with Ranveer Ranbir is back here since the moment he says that you have been friends for your friends since childhood. Then Alia calls Abhi and asks what is there now that she says Pragya and her daughter Is with and saying that he cuts Kaal and then he comes home after some time everyone feels that the car which hit Pragya is Alia’s own.

Prachi tells her to sit then Pragya Said that he is busy and does not have any time to make tea, then just says that he really needs a lot and cannot deny Prachi’s request. Jana is watching them.

Next we see that right now it says don’t think of me like other people. Pragya then asks that other people and what you think about me also tell me then it just says that Did you go to meet Moriya, then Pragya says yes I went to meet her and I don’t want Prachi to be known as her father.

Then Pragya asks if she wants to take revenge from him. Is and says why are you thinking like this and you want to talk to Aaliya and you know that Aaliya never wants us to be together.

You are proving that the word Aaliya is right for you and this will be the best chance for our child to know about his parents but you are seining it.

After that we see that Pragya says that she had entered her birthday party as Metals and on that day she also has Prachi’s birthday along with Riya but she is accused of theft and how Prachi finds it Maybe he knows that his sister had trapped him as a thief and how his sister doubted him, then now says that you will have to answer those questions, come and see my place.

After that Pragya says that she will ask you why you did not come to meet her? That’s why give him some time. After that now says that you know that I was waiting to be 20 years old and am still doing but why are you stopping our happy moment. After that Pragya says why are you putting such a friend on me but are not understanding this fact but I did not tell your daughter any truth, you are falsely accusing me.

Mera also says that he knows his daughter well and she is my daughter. Pragya says that I raised her and she has not grown so far to understand this truth. Then just says why do you want to hurt me, you are using Prachi to separate Ranbir and Riya, I know that Pragya asks where did she get this idea and who has said this to her .