The Episode starts with Rhea smiling and happy in her own world, thinking about Ranbir hugging her. Shahana collides with her. Rhea scolds her and asks why are you here in the house. Shahana recalls promising Prachi that she will forgive her 3 mistakes, but not the 4th mistake. She gives example of God Krishma forgiving Shishupal 100 mistakes, but beheading him for his 101 mistake. She says let me go, else my promise will break. Rhea asks what promise? Shahana says you will know when it breaks and goes. Rhea asks herself to calm down and thinks she has to surprise Ranbir tonight and he is going to love it. She comes to the kitchen. Ranbir tells that he is making sheera. Rhea says she wants to ask something. Ranbir says today he is very happy. Rhea says I want to ask you, why did you hug me in the hospital?