Kumkum bhagya 19 October 2020 Written Updates

Episode The episode begins with Palvi Vikram and Biji who are also sitting together drinking tea and talking. That’s when Mr. Mehra comes there. That’s when Mr. Garo asks the era of sadness. Abhi asks Vikram to marry Ranveer and Riya. Everyone agrees and is happy for this.

Abhi then goes to tell Riya about the wedding. Vikram calls me to tell this thing. Then Ranveer is happy to hear this. And I think my father must be talking about my marriage to my niece. Then Gaya tries to get Vikram Dalveer to come to him.

Kumkum bhagya 20 october 2020 Written Updates

Here Abhi calls Riya to tell Riya after marriage but Riya is not picking up the phone because Yar remembers the past with Veer, so she is unable to pick up the phone. After some time Riya’s attention goes to her phone. Riya looks at your phone. Then Abhi tells Hariya that I have talked about your and Meher’s marriage to Vikram and agreed to the wedding.

But due to network problem, Liya Hari does not listen to her dad and she repeatedly tells her friend that I love you very much. Abhi listens to Riya and Abhi also says that I love you very much. The same thing happens and the phone gets cut off due to network problem. Abhi starts thinking that he has disconnected the phone after listening to the wedding.

On the other hand, Riya is very upset remembering Ranbir’s words and starts thinking that she decides to do something herself, then Riya goes to jump into a ditch and stands there. Just then, a woman stops in the auto and sees Riya. People get crowded after seeing this. They prevent all people from jumping. But Riya and threatens that if anyone comes to me next, I will jump down.

That’s when one of them calls the police. Then a woman secretly grabs Riya’s hand. Riya tries hard to get her hands off. Then people start saying that leave it and let it go a lot. Then you will see that people say that we have called the police, the police will come right away, in the same way, after hearing the name of the police, you sit in your car and leave from there. is.

Prachi Prachi’s mobile phone calls her friend Rani. That is when Rani and Prachi do many things among themselves. After this, Prachi makes the voice of Sardar, only then Prachi disconnects the phone and goes to Sardar Ji.

Pragya on the other hand returns to the house crying and thinks how Riya came to know that I had left a daughter in childhood. Then Pragya remembers that I had told her one day. Then Pragya thinks that Aria is very angry with her mother and she vented her anger on me. Pragya starts thinking that I have not considered Riya as my daughter, I have considered her as my daughter with heart. That is why I will go to bathe in my eyes and then I will never let her miss the mother.

Thinking this, Pragya goes to meet Riya but Sarita sees Pragya and asks her to stop. Then Navira goes over there and tells Pragya that Prachi and my family have agreed to my marriage. Similarly, he says that my family members will bring the omen of the wedding in the evening. Pragya and her family are happy after hearing this. Ranveer goes to his house Pragya sings the original to Riya to tell Ranveer and Prachi’s wedding but she does not pick up the phone after seeing Pragya’s phone. The episode ends.