The scene begins with Dadi and Sarita Ben both glad that Pragya admitted her relationship with Abhi. Dadi takes her to sanctuary for thanksgiving.

The woman overseer puts a charge on Meera and Alia for their endeavor to wed a generally wedded man. Pragya reveals to Alia she disclosed to her as of now she should take off from the house once more. Abhi inquires as to whether she will continue attesting her privilege just or has another thing to state too. Pragya questions if Abhi needs her to apologize him? She won’t ever allow Abhi to rehash whatever he did to her, not to Meera or any other person. Purab contemplates controlling the circumstance. Abhi says he feels Pragya can’t see him with another person, and bear another person in his life. Pragya says Abhi has taunted her emotions and accompanied greeting of his second union with her. He crossed all lines of harming her. Abhi whines Pragya would never get him. Pragya claims him a liar. He is worn out on living alone and needs another spouse. Abhi says now, neither any law nor any family can stop him. He hauls Meera to the Mandap. The assessor attempts to capture Meera. Alia says she will presently demonstrate Pragya isn’t her sibling’s significant other, and Abhi’s wedding isn’t unlawful.

Shahana stops Prachi in the sanctuary and gets some information about Pandit ji. Shahana discloses to Prachi that when Palak called her, she said Ranbir is additionally here, however she would not like to hurt Palak. She offers to leave and quietly believes Prachi’s heart thumps just for Ranbir, she won’t ever go. Prachi says atleast another person get her adoration. Shahana heads outside. Prachi settles on a decision. A worker discovers Rhea’s telephone ringing in the room. He thinks even Meera was discovering Rhea. A server says Rhea went towards storeroom. The worker goes to give Rhea her telephone.

Prachi asks why Rhea didn’t get her call. She chooses to call Pragya.

Alia brings legal documents of Pragya and offers it to police controller. Pragya was stunned to peruse the papers. Alia says these are fifteen years of age papers, and Pragya is not any more her sibling’s significant other. Pragya claims the papers to be phony. Abhi takes the papers and asks Alia how it is conceivable, there was never a separation deed between them. He likewise peruses the papers which were genuine. Abhi inquires as to whether she marked the papers? Pragya demands these are phony. Alia reminds Pragya the time they met in Hoshiyarpur outside police headquarters.

In a flashback, Pragya was discovering her girl. She had demonstrated a paper to assessor and persuaded her to compose a grievance for Prachi’s grab. Around then, she came there. Pragya asked about Rhea. Alia indicated Prachi’s video with ruffian. She said she was taking Prachi home to live with Rhea. Pragya argued on Alia to leave Prachi. Alia took Pragya’s marks on the papers saying these were property papers. Alia returned Prachi to Pragya and left. In the vehicle, Alia thought these were legal documents which claims on the off chance that she avoids their property and Abhi, these papers can’t be tested.

Alia discloses to Abhi that when Pragya left him he used to drink liquor. In his thought he once gave her the legal documents to get them marked. She met Pragya outside Hoshiyarpur police headquarters where a case was running, and Pragya had no cash. Pragya denies yet Alia proceeds with that she told Pragya these were legal documents. Pragya had said her union with Abhi amounts to nothing any longer. Alia says Pragya requested property papers consequently of legal documents, however Alia gave her phony property papers. Abhi was disheartened and inquires as to whether Pragya marked legal documents. She cries and denies. Alia proceeds with her faults. Pragya thinks if Abhi can’t believe her she probably won’t live. Abhi says he was constantly mixed up, he felt there was still love between them however in the event that the connection isn’t no more, what love. Alia accuses that Pragya just needs property of Abhi, this separation is lawful as is Abhi’s wedding. Abhi discloses to Pragya neither her, nor police can stop this marriage. The examiner leaves. Pragya states these are phony papers arranged by Alia.

Abhi sits on Mandap to wed Meera. Pragya breaks the Mandap trying to ruin the marriage. She moves Abhi to wed at this point. She won’t allow it to occur. Abhi affirms he will even now wed. Pragya says however not legitimately, yet she is strictly his better half. Abhi says now this wedding will happen in the sanctuary.

Rhea cried in the storeroom. The worker finds the room loked from outside and opens it. He gives Rhea her telephone. Rhea figures she will presently perceive how Abhi weds Meera. She will presently show Alia her correct arrangement, and even uncover about Alia’s arranging with Sanjay on Dasehra.

Aaryan finds a Pandit ji. He offers business to Pandit ji and solicitations him to tag along. Pandit ji says he does incinerations not relationships. Aaryan didn’t comprehend. He demands Pandit ji to tag along and help. Pandit ji demands that he can’t peruse marriage mantra. Aaryan snatches Pandit ji by neck, and forces him. Pandit ji was persuaded.