Kumkum Bhagya 19 February 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Scene starts with Karan reveals to Preeta that he adores the way that how frantically she loves and he realizes that she is going to miss him severely. Sameer comes there and says they needs to leave for office now. Karan returns and gets some information about the admission. She advises him to leave for office.

He says Rishab isn’t here that is the reason it’s significant for him to go else he would have remained with her so she doesn’t miss him still he has some arrangement and says he will consider her in each 30minutes and she needs to admit in the main call since it’s Valentine’s day. He gives the endowments he brought for her before and says blue shading saree is his top choice and advises her to wear that and leaves from that point. She takes the blue saree and goes to change.


Sameer says he can see favor Karan’s face and he is happy that Karan is glad now and all credit to Preeta. Karan says on the off chance that he realizes that, why he is prodding him. He says he isn’t prodding him and requests that he acknowledge the reality.


Preeta reviews the new minutes she imparted to Karan while preparing. She picks the call and says she was hanging tight for his call just and she needs to reveal to him something and requests that he not meddle. She says she doesn’t have a clue when she began to feel for him like this and says she gravely missed him when he was not with her and she realizes that he loves to hear this from her and says he is delightful soul as well and she is fortunate to get him and says she cherishes him.He says he also adores her and she stuns hearing Prithvi’s voice from opposite side. She says she thought she was conversing with Karan. He says Karan separating them again and says they are made for one another. She shouts at him for rambling. He says he become insane in her adoration and he can’t live without her and missed her to such an extent today he is coming to meet her.




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