Kumkum Bhagya 18 September 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhaag Bhagya begins with Alia where Riya faints and Sahana feels bad for stopping their marriage. Then Sarita says don’t worry, it will take a few minutes, Ranbir and Prachi will get married, Shah Rukh is dancing with Alia. Aaliya recognizes him and thinks that Prachi too may be roaming around in a changed outfit. And after that Riya picks up the goons. And the elder finds Maya in her room and Mrs. asks him to remove her veil. When they did not remove it, Mrs. Choubey went to lift the veil. On the other side, Prachi yearns to get up and the goons leave with the trolley. And there on the other side, Aaliya is happy thinking that Madan has kidnapped Maya. But Madan has not kidnapped Maya, Dushyant asked Mr. Chaubey to bring the groom to the pavilion and Pandit was asked to start the marriage. And on getting the call, the goons leave the trolley and the trolley stops and the bag with the notice falls under the trolley.The goons tried to escape the laundry and tried but now says that this is my hotel Is and is told to open Alia defends herself and sends her from that place.

After that Mrs Chaubey called her aunt and did not notice Prachi at all. Sarita says to Mrs. Chaubey that she will keep the call on the trace as per Dushyant’s wish. Prachi then says how do you know all this, then she tells him that Pragya should be called in the pavilion so that she can see her daughter’s wedding. Ayan and Sahana are trying to pick up Rahul. Mr. Choubey charges the mobile and gives it to Ranbir and then Ranbir gets Alia’s phone and says to many that Rahul is not conscious then Ranbir says Take good care of your mother. Then just asks what happened then coming says Biji and Pallavi are quarreling with each other. That is why he is running the pavilion again and is now teasing Vikram for decorating the pavilion and telling him that he will stay by stopping the marriage. After the woman, Aaliya gets very tired and thinks of using Dushyant fully to stop Riya’s marriage with Ranveer. Alia takes Dushyant to the side and tells him that this marriage should be stopped right now and after that Dushyant says why do you want to stop my brother’s marriage, what has he done to you and Alia tells him that I don’t like Prachi at all, that’s why it would be good if he marries Maya and then Dushyant asks where he is now. Alia says that she is very close to the pavilion.

Madan then informs Aaliya that she has kidnapped two brides. And Alia feels that Madan has kidnapped both Prachi and Maya, so she becomes more happy and Madan asks for 2 times the amount and Alia agrees and says that you are the second Kill the girl, you will get more money. He believes that I will come to him poignantly and I want more money and after that I leave and he is very happy that the biggest thorn in his way is going to be removed.

Pragya is thinking about Prachi and others and she is roaming in the house and after that she calls Sarita but nobody picks her up. After this, Sarita comes with Mrs. Choubey sitting on the pavilion and she becomes very happy after calling Pragya. Dushyant comes to know and he asks him that we feel that you are not happy with the marriage. Then now Sir says that can you stop this marriage for my pleasure Mr. Choubey is smiling and saying that I liked your joke very much. Then Dushyant says that sir I am not joking at all, I am absolutely serious. Then Prachi asks if you can stop the wedding and then Ranbir says that I have not had time to tell you that you are replacing the bride But running the PCM says that the marriage will not stop and it has become my last decision, so if there is any other problem, then he can talk with my gun Dushyant put a gun on Pandit’s temple and said that if this If someone tries to stop the marriage, I will sieve his head with this bullet. With this, today’s episode comes to an end, now we will see if he will shoot and what the Pandit can survive.