Kumkum Bhagya 18 February 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Preeta and Karan are both in the bed, Karan taking the hand of Preeta places it under his head, she asks how he is doing which he says how he is utilized to on the grounds that before marriage he used to lay down with Rishab and would grasp his hand, Preeta anyway attempts to grasp her hand yet he doesnot let go, he asks in the event that she needs him to disappear anyway she clarifies how she didn’t utter a word, he at that point drawing close to says in the event that she needs him to be close to her anyway she actually cannot, at that point when can’t utter a word, she goes about as though she is resting, she opening her eyes contacts Karan yet similarly as he opens his eyes she quickly goes about as though she is dozing, he indeed puts her hand under his head, at that point he moves his hand over her other shoulder when she additionally intertwines his hand with her arm prior to sticking it, Karan

kisses her on the brow when she additionally puts her hand behind him however abruptly shouts subsequent to seeing a reptile, Shristhi awakens from hearing the shout, Karan requests that she hush up.


Sarla likewise comes out from the room then Janki additionally says how she additionally heard the shout, Sarla says how the hoodlum may have come into the room of Preeta and Shristhi at that point is stunned to see that she is remaining behind her when she relaxes how is she doing which Shristhi makes reference to how she was in the washroom, Shristhi attempts to persuade how she was shouting when Sarla clarifies how she heard the shout from the room and it was unquestionably Preeta, they all enter the room.Preeta says how she is dreading what her mom would say in the event that she saw him, karan shouts how nothing would occur as he is her significant other anyway Preeta specifies how she would feel terrible on the grounds that she requested that he come in the first part of the day so would feel as though he has harmed her regard.


Sarla alongside Shristhi and Janki go into the room, they all both beginning looking through it while Shristhi and Preeta remain before the way to conceal Karan, Sarla takes steps to call the police anyway it doesnot have any effect on Karan who doesnot come out, Janki at that point gets down on shouting how she has discovered the hoodlum yet when she understands that it is Karan who is begging her to not tell anybody, she quickly changes her position clarifying how she was inquiring as to whether they have discovered the criminal, Sarla reacts how she believed that Janki has discovered the cheat anyway both Janki and Shristhi at that point shout how they should leave as there is nobody in the room, Sarla leaves, Preeta says thanks to Janki for causing her, she makes reference to how she realized that Karan was wicked yet never realized he would accomplish something like this anyway she has loved it, Shristhi attempts to prod Preeta anyway she blows up Shristhi runs from the room.

Preeta promptly shuts the entryway, karan sits on the bed so Preeta asks what they would do now, karan shouts how they would rest now anyway Preeta differs and focuses to the opposite side of the room.


Toward the beginning of the day Janki is strolling with the paper when she hears the doorbell so quickly opens it to discover Karan remaining there, he gives her a rose subsequent to wishing cheerful Valentines hearing which she is stunned, he at that point hands everybody a rose after which he sits on the couch then Preeta inquires as to why he got so late.

Sarla specifies how when she went to get the milk which is when Sharma je referenced how he saw that a vehicle simply like Karan’s was remaining in their general public the whole evening, Shristhi specifies how the vehicle had a place with Karan, at that point she clarifies how the vehicle may have had a place with another person and afterward Shristhi requests that Sarla send Preeta as the two of them are in a rush anyway Sarla chastens her maxim how she ought not talk in the middle after which Karan additionally says how he likewise needs to leave for the workplace, Sarla makes reference to how she additionally has made a ton of things for him anyway Karan demands after which Sarla concurs and the two of them leave, Sarla makes reference to how Karan should wish cheerful valentine to the individual for whom he went to their home.


Karina is with Dadi and Rakhi in the sitting zone when Dadi inquires as to whether her companion from London has returned, Karina specifies how she has come yet is in wretchedness and necessities a specialist, Rakhi asks what the matter is on the grounds that she could possibly help as she most likely is aware alot of the specialists, Karina shouts how she needs a specialist for her lip however Rakhi clarifies how she doesnot realize anybody yet will settle on certain decisions, at that point there is a ring on the way to Ganesh is approached to open it.

Karina is stunned to see that Karan and Preeta have returned to the house when Karina stops her, asking Karan for what reason did he bring her since she was the explanation her girl’s marriage was broken, Dadi stops her truism how she ought not concern since, supposing that a spouse stays at her mom house at that point individuals begin talking so she may have asked Karan, he anyway says how she didn’t call and he, at the end of the day, went to bring her back, Rakhi asks them both to go onto their room in the mean time she will send a tea for them, Preeta in the wake of taking the gifts of both Dadi and Rakhi goes higher up while Karina shouts how she has destroyed the existence of her girl so she would not allow her to live happily.Ganesh subsequent to bringing tea for Karan and Preeta is grinning, Preeta asks the motivations to which he says how they all missed her and even Karan sir had quit grinning, Preeta reacts how she likewise missed them all, karan emerging from the washroom inquires as to whether she missed him, Preeta additionally poses the inquiry and the two of them contend over who might answer it first which is when Karan requests that she uncover what was in her heart, Preeta at that point asks why he is so dressed as she imagined that he was simply concocting a rationalization anyway Karan shouts how he needs to go on a gathering rather than Rishab and he won’t ever lie.

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